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I was lucky enough to find this amazing tool, DU Recorder Screen Recorder! 

DU Recorder is the app that I use to make my videos. You can record footage of your phones screen. Since I play games on my phone, it’s the perfect tool for me to record videos on my phone and livestream directly to Youtube! 

I started using DU Recorder in November 2018 and since it has become hard to find. I wanted to share this tool and couldn’t find it in the App Store… So after doing some research I finally found it! You can download it fro the link below to start recording now!


You can edit videos, merge videos & images, video to GIF, Wifi Transfer, Edit Image and Stitch images.


Choose video resolution, video quality, Frames Per Second, Video orientation & Record audio.

You can select the best quality for your videos, make sure you have enough space for large video files! Otherwise if you are low on space you can reduce the quality for smaller video files.

Select Video location for where your files are saved, Invert colors, report a crash.

In the Control Settings you can choose recording mode, hide the record window when recording, and turn on or off the Shake phone to stop recording function.

Disable pop-up notifications for screenshots, setup a countdown, hide recorder button, keep recording when screen is off, pause for incoming calls, and screenshots.

There are Premium functions that are available; brush, personalized watermark for videos and livestreams, and theme.

The Premium functions are a paid feature. It is not necessary but very cool if you have the budget.

Allow notifications.

Create a shortcut on desktop.

You can change languages.

Faq and feedback is also available.

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