They Talked About Toasty on The Ecwid eCommerce Podcast!!!

When my YouTube channel started growing fast, I asked my friend for some help! She is an Ecwid eCommerce Expert with a ton of experience building online stores and websites. She was so excited my Toasted Gamer Boutique project, she helped me build this awesome website and my Printful Store where you can get cool Toasty merch! There is a very special offer in the Podcast! Give it a listen starting where the video begins to play (18:40 minutes) to learn more!

Fan Art by Magical Cookie!

A ginormous thanks to Magical Cookie for creating this awesome fan art! It’s a slice of my favourite kind of Toast – raisin bread – chilling with a Crimson Dragon Egg. Looks amazing ✌ Keep making cool artwork, you rock!!!

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  1. Jules Lpn

    Hey Toasty. I’ve said before how much you help me in general and with the events. I watch tons of your videos old and new. Often the livestreams I catch late especially if during an event. I am still having one major problem though. No matter how many times I try or watch your videos, I cannot even get the 1st win on challenges # 9 and 18 so I am stuck and can’t move forward anymore. You always make them look so easy and are not even stressing. Any helpful ideas?

    1. Toasty

      Hey Jules! Thanks so much!!! I don’t upload the videos where I don’t win lol, those levels aren’t easy… Keep up the hard work!!! I will work on something for those levels to help you, should be available next week!!!

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