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Hey! This is Toasty and this blog is all about STONE!!!

How to Get Stone in Merge Dragons

There are various ways of harvesting Stone Bricks in Merge Dragons.

Here we will explore some different ways of getting stone in Merge Dragons!

How to Get More Stone

Merge your Stone Bricks together, preferably in 5 merges, to get the highest level of stone bricks; Orge Stone Monolith!

Living Stones in Merge Dragons

Here are all the different levels of the Living Stones

Merge Dragons Stone Farming

No matter how far you are in the game, you need Stone Bricks! I like to have 2 to 5 of my highest leveled Living Stones and have my dragons turbo harvest them. In the process I do my best to organise the Stone Bricks to make merges of 5 until reaching the highest level Stone Brick; the Orge Stone Monolith.

Where to Get Fresh Stones

The best way to get Fresh Stones is with Solid Gold Chests.

In the bottom right on your screen at your camp, click the button with the treasure chest.

Go to the chest tab, scroll to the far right and there you will be able to purchase Golden Chests for 80 bricks.

I suggest buying the Golden Chests in pairs of 5 and merging them together to get to get Solid Gold Chests.

In the 3 screenshots below I demonstrate Golden Chests VS Solid Gold Chests.

The 2nd screenshot is the loot from 4 Golden Chests.

The 3rd screenshot is the loot from 4 Solid Gold Chests.


Where to Get Stone

Another way to get Living Stones is harvesting Grass Level 2 to 4 for Fresh Stones, or Grass Level 5 to 8 for Moss Covered Stones.


Merge Dragons Stone Farming Levels

Visit any of the Quarry levels to farm stone, Quarry 8 is known to be one of the best levels to farm stone.


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