Merge Dragons Fluff Mountain Den Event Cloud Keys Guide May 2021

Make sure to bookmark this page for easy reference during this Merge Dragons Fluff Mountain Event Keys Guide to unlock all those Mystic Clouds!!!

The Cloud Key Guide will be available about 90-120 minutes once event begins… Stay tuned to find all the Fluff Mountain Den Event Cloud Keys!!!

Cloud Keys Guide

1. Blue Life Flower

2. Gaia Statue

3. Wishing Star - Level 6 Mystic Potions

4. Neat Burrow - Level 2 Mysterious Burrows

5. Mystery Nest (Pink Circle at top end of map)

6. Golden Capsule (Green Circle at top end of map)

7. Fancy Spirit Vial - Level 5 Spirit Lantern

8. Dragon Tree Leaf

9. Stack Of Elderwood - Level 2

10. Snug Shelter - Level 4 Mysterious Burrows






Merge Dragons Fluff Mountain Den Event Quests

Quest 1

Create a Aureus x5

Create a Restored Gaia Statue x2


Quest 2

Harvest from Life Flowers x75

Harvest from Fruit Trees x125

Harvest from ??? x???


Quest 3

Heal x200

Heal x450 ???

Heal ???

Heal All ???


Previous Flufflands Den Event
Previous Flufflands Den Event

During the Merge Dragons Den Event, the Level 5 Aureus can be thrown into wishing well, this gives you a window of time where completing various tasks can give you extra points. For example in the image above, for 30 minutes you could Merge Life Orbs for more points.

Wishing Well Coins
Mysterious Burrows
Small Fluffs
Gaia Statues
Shimmer Fountains
Previous Flufflands Den Event

Blue Zomblin Caves can be double tapped to activate the Blue Zomblins, if you don’t tap them the dragons will destroy the caves. The Blue Zomblins will curse the land, they can be double tapped and the Dragons will transform them into Funky Blue Cheese which can be harvested for Glowing Crumbs, level 2 of the Spirit Lantern chain.

Spirit Lantern

The Mystic Lantern; the Level 6 Spirit Lantern, can be tapped and will give 3x Thorny Blooms; the Level 1 Spirit Rose.

Mystic Potions
Shadow Trees
Lustrous Shadow Tree Level 10
Previous Flufflands Den Event

During Merge Dragons Events you have Mystic Clouds you can unlock to discover more items on new land so that can help you to beat the event. Sometimes there are Life Orbs, Point Items, Coins and more useful items! In the guide above, you can see the Shadow Key that need to be unlocked to reveal the Mystic Cloud. Heal the Shadow Key and then you will be able to place the appropriate Cloud Key, then it will appear green and then you can unlock it!!! If you have not healed the land where the key shadow is, it won’t unlock, so make sure to heal that land in order to unlock the Fluff Mountain Event Keys!

This Merge Dragons Fluff Mountain Event Cloud Keys Guide will help show you the keys needed to unlocked the Mystic Clouds for this new mystical event and help to get all the awesome rewards!!!

Certain Mystic Clouds can have Super Dead Land behind them, so in order to Heal All Land for the quests you must unlock those mystic clouds, don’t rush it!!!

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