Merge Dragons All Dragons Asleep | What To Do?

Things to Do When All Dragons Sleep

Work On Dragon Homes

Clean up Camp making 5 merges and Bubbling items

Spread out Fruit Trees to spawn Life Flowers

Tap Bushes to work on Magic Mushrooms

Make it rain with the Misty Mountains to work on your Water

Spread out Water to spawn Grass and Golden Seeds

Spread out Spooky Trees for Necromancer Grass to work on your Prism Flowers

Tap Prism Flowers for healing Power

Buy Dragon Eggs with you coins to make 5 merges for more Dragons

Use Chests for more items

Play levels on the World Map with your Chalices

Spread out Grimm Trees to spawn Necromancer Grass and Grimm Chests

Tap Haunted Houses for Necromancer Grass


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