Merge Dragons Challenge 10 Final Win | 1m54s

How To Win Challenge 10

Watch this video to see how to win Merge Dragons Challenge 10 in less than 2 minutes!!!

Challenge 10 Step By Step

Merge 3 Random Dragon Portals

Merge 3 Green Dragon Eggs

Merge Life Flower Sprouts for 2 Pink Life Flowers and harvest for life essence

Tap the Nest Of Spotted Dragon Eggs from the top left corner, make 5 merge

Harvest Life Essence, heal land

Destroy decayed log for wood to merge to heal land

Merge Pertrified Rotten Zomblin Statues, destroy for Fresh Grave

Tap zomblin cave, destroy zomblin for Fresh Grave

Merge Fresh Graves to heal land

Use stone bricks to heal land

Tap Life Extenders

Bring the 3 Gaia Statues together to merge for the win!!!


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