Merge Dragons Challenge 12

How To Win Challenge 12

Watch this video to see how to beat Merge Dragons Challenge 12 in less than 3 minutes!!!

Goal: Make 1 Restored Gaia Staute

Tap the crossed Bones, then merge them to start healing that land.

Next merge those Skulls together. * The Puddle will turn into the Spotted Shroom you need to unlock  the land on the far left side*

You can now merge the Life Essences!

Hit those arrows (Life Extenders) to heal the land it pointing towards.

Merge your 3 Elderwood, use the Stack of Elderwood to heal the super dead land, and then use the Bundle of Elderwood to keep on healing!

Tap the Tiny Cabin for Hedge Gnomes to get Shrub Sprouts which you will merge for a Budding Shrub, use that to heal the next section of super deal land.

Use your leftover Life Essences for a Tiny Life Orb, merge those for a purple Small Life Orb!

At this point your waiting on that Puddle to turn into a Spotted Shroom… Once it does merge those items together.

Take the Fallen Star to continue to heal the far right side.

Use the turquoise Life Orbs for the merge and then you can launch if to heal the rest of the land!!!

Merge those statues together for the win!!!


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