Merge Dragons Challenge 15

How To Win Challenge 15

Watch this video to see how to win Merge Dragons Challenge 15 in less than 3 minutes!!!

Merge 5 Grass Dragon Eggs

Make a 5 Merge with Shrub Sprouts

Now you can merge 3 Budding Shrubs, activate life extender arrows

Build Pink Life Flower, harvest for life essence, then merge to heal land on the center top island, make another merge in the bottom left with Life Essence

Get the Grass Dragon by merging the Grass Dragon Egg in the top Left Corner

Use the Cloudy Summit to make it rain! Use the puddle to heal the land to the right

Create a Magic Shroom level 4 for the top right corner

Destroy 2 Demon Gates

Bring the 3 Gaia Statues together for the win!!!


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    You’re such a huge help!! Thank you!

    1. Toasty

      Glad it’s helpful (:

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