Merge Dragons Challenge 16 Win

How To Beat Merge Dragons Challenge 16

Make a 5 Merge with your Sharp Dragon Eggs. Hit those arrows!

Make a 5 Merge with the Magic Shroom Cluster.

Merge the top left and right Magic Shroom Stalks at the same time to unlock 2 arrows (Life Extenders) at the same time, hit those arrows!

The unlock the last arrow with another Magic Shroom Stalk merge.

Once unlocked tap the Life Flower Totem to receive a bunch of various Life Flowers! Use those to make 5 Merges.

*Use some Blue Life Flowers to unlock the Super Dead Land in the top center island!

Use a Life Essence to heal the super dead land

Make a 5 Merge with the Spotted Dragon Eggs.

Carefully make a 5 merge with the elderwood to heal that land!

Merge Twin Life Flowers in the top left top heal that land!

Use 2 Level 3 Magic Shrooms to heal the super dead land on the middle left island.

Use that Young Fruit Tree to heal in the center area.

Merge Coins to get 2 Silver Magic Coins, use those mushrooms to keep healing super dead land or use the Hero Mushroom to unlock the center top left area.

Merge your Grass Dragon Eggs together or pine apples to heal the next area of land.

Destroy the Demon Gates!

Make a 5 merges with the Destroyed Gaia Statues and a 3 merge to get 3 Restored Gaia Stautes to make the epic Grand Gaia Statue for the win!!!



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