Merge Dragons Challenge 21 Final Win

How To Win Challenge 21

Watch this video to see how to beat Merge Dragons Challenge 21 in less than 2 minutes!!!

You can also follow along with the step by step guide below!!!

Goal: Make a Life Tree Sapling

5 Merge Dragon Tree Leaves bottom right corner

Line up Dragon Tree Saplings for 5 Merge

Make 2 more 5 merges with Dragon Tree Saplings

Make 2x 5 Merge Sprouting Dragon Trees

One 3 merge of Sprouting Dragon Trees

5 Merge young Dragon Trees

Use those 2 Vermillion Dragon Trees for a merge to unlock the Super Dead Land in the top right corner

Make 3 3 merge with Tanzanite Plains Grass

5 Merge Life Flower Sprouts

5 Merge Pink Life Flowers

5 Merge Blue Life Flowers

5 Merge Glowing Life Flowers

5 Merge Twin Life Flowers

5 Merge Brilliant Life Flowers

3 Merge Giant Life Flowers

3 Merge Life Tree Sprouts for the Life Tree Sapling for the win!!!



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