Merge Dragons Challenge 22

How To Win Challenge 22

Watch this video to see how to win Merge Dragons Challenge 22 in less than 3 minutes!!!

Merge Dragons Challenge 22

  1. Seeds of the prism flowers
  2. Prism flower buds
  3. Grass tuff
  4. Lawn grass *** Very important to make a 5 merge!!!
  5. Great grass
  6. Marsh grass
  7. Green & Tribal dragon eggs!
  8. Tall grass
  9. Destroy zomblin caves for fresh graves
  10. Mushroom caps
  11. Prism flower buds
  12. Tanzanite plains gras
  13. Fresh graves
  14. Puddles
  15. Fledging puddles
  16. Gaïa statues for the win!!!


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  1. melissa sinclair

    First challenge walkthru from you that i have NOT been able to follow successfully. You lose me very early in…on the 3rd step with mushrooms.

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