Merge Dragons Dragons Guide

Dragons are discovered from merging Dragon Eggs, you can merge 3 dragon eggs for 1 dragon but its best to merge 5 dragon eggs for 2 dragons! The higher level your dragon is the more moves they can preform at camp (stamina in camp) and the bigger their dragon power is contributing to your total Dragon Power which can help you unlock evil fog! The more evil fog you unlock, the more space you will have to make merges to discover the wonder of the world of Merge Dragons!

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  1. Hannah Knotts

    Hey Toasty! Hope you are having a beautiful day 🙂 I wanted to thank you for encouraging us to be patient with the haunted houses. I recently did a 3 merge so I could get a level 4 house to be able to get fresh graves more readily to build a farm, as you say. I noticed that when I went out if camp and re-entered my camp the house reset automatically and I could harvest it right away. Having done this several times my houses have grown exponentially quicker. I don’t know if you knew this little trick, and I know you are working on another haunted house video (possibly live), so I thought this would be a good tip to add. If you did already know this and have said it before…sorry. I’m still working my way through all your vids. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Hannah Knotts
    Squish *TGB*

  2. Aida

    Thanks Hannah awesome tip. Any tips for friend Den’s to join?

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