Merge Dragons Easter Event 2020 Cloud Keys Guide


Make sure to bookmark this page for easy reference during this Merge Dragons Easter 2020 Event Keys Guide to unlock all those Mystic Clouds!!!

The Cloud Key Guide will be available about 90 minutes once event begins… Stay tuned to find all the Easter 2020 Cloud Keys and Watch the Livestream at the start!!!

1. Pink Life Flower

2. Mushroom Caps

3. Three Graces - Level 4 Forgotten Flower

4. Dragons Tears - Level 3 Mystic Potions

5. Golden Treasure Capsule (Pink Circle)

6. Mystery Nest ( Blue Circle)

7. Secret Bronze Capsule (Found on map or collect every 3 hours)

8. Mystical Autumn Tree - Level 5

9. Hero Mushroom

10. Elixir Of Life - Level 4 Mystic Potions

11. Fallen Star (Orange Circle)

12. Plumeria - Level 6 Forgotten Flower

13. Egg Party - Level 6 Easter Baskets

14. Wishing Star - Level 6 Mystic Potions

15. Restored Gaia Statue - Level 2 (3rd behind Elixir Of Life Mystic Cloud #10)

During Merge Dragons Events you have Mystic Clouds you can unlock to discover more items on new land so that can help you to beat the event. Sometimes there are Life Orbs, Point Items, Coins and more useful items! In the guide above, you can see the Shadow Key that need to be unlocked to reveal the Mystic Cloud. Heal the Shadow Key and then you will be able to place the appropriate Cloud Key, then it will appear green and then you can unlock it!!! If you have not healed the land where the key shadow is, it won’t unlock, so make sure to heal that land in order to unlock the Easter 2020 Event Keys!

This Merge Dragons Easter 2020 Event Cloud Keys Guide will help show you the keys needed to unlocked the Mystic Clouds for this new mystical event and help to get all the awesome rewards!!!

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  1. Michael

    I missed one mushroom caps for the Super deadland, anywhere to get it?

    1. Toasty

      Still hoping to find more behind mystic clouds, not sure…

    2. Taaha

      Me too, i only see one in the middle hopefully there is another one behind the cloud :/

  2. Prisilia

    the last land i gotta unlock need a giant gaia statue but there’s only two so i can’t merge them 😣 I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find the third one.. please help 🥺

    1. Toasty

      I’m not that far yet, hopefully unlocking more mystic cloud today… More to come (:

    2. Wilbur

      I can’t find the last Gaia to unlock the mystic

      1. Toasty

        It’s behind the Elixir Of Life – Mystic Potion level 4

        1. Prisilia

          found it!!thank you!!! 😊

  3. Dee S.

    It’s under a mystic cloud.

  4. Katherine

    Yeah I messed up and merged all my caps. Thought it was a flower needed.

  5. Victoria

    I foolishly clicked on the egg nest before I realised I needed it for a cloud key. Have I blown it? Presumably there’s nowhere else I can get one? All other tasks completed, just this one to go.

    1. Toasty

      You have NOT blown it… I havnt, unlocked it yet, so there may be no super dead land and then you’re all good! Otherwise… It will take a bit of time, and you would have to spend 10 gems of the level 4 prism flower in the event. Then you can harvest for dragon tree leaves, get the level 4 dragon tree, harvest elderwood and make tiny cabins for hedge gnomes… then make the bush wonder the ruins of the sky palace. I suggest making a 5 merge to get 2 because it is not guarenteed that you will get the nest…
      Best of luck!!!

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