Merge Dragons Easter Event 2019

The Countdown For The Easter Event Has Started!!!

Coming soon!!! Cloud Key Guide & Much more!!!

Merge Dragons Easter Event Cloud Key Guide

Click the image above for this Events Cloud Key Guide !!!

Visit The Easter Event Chest Guide!!! Click the button below!!!

Check out the new Treats Guide!!! Just click the Easter Treats cover below!!!

The Easter Event is around the corner! Looking forward to seeing what the rewards are! Last year there was Bunny Dragons Eggs, Basket Dragon Eggs, a Noble Bunny Dragon, Super Bunn-Bunns Trophy, a Life Tree Sprout and a Purple Star.


I’ll be posting all the Points items here as well. Last year they were called Easter Treats, so we should be expecting a bunch of bunny themed items, Easter chocolates, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and maybe even some carrot cake?!

See You Soon!!!

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