Merge Dragons Fly Me To The Moon Event Cloud Keys Guide

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Get ready because the Fly Me To The Moon Event this weekend (March 29th to April 1st!)

A Cloud Keys Guide is here showing every Mystic Cloud Key needed to unlock those mystic clouds during this Event!

Fly Me To The Moon Event Cloud Keys Guide

Life Essence

Pink Life Flower

Pink Life Flower

Bricks Level 2 – Ancient Objects

Moon Starfruit – Level 6 Magic Moon Fruits

Lost Vases – Level 4 Ancient Objects

Twin Flowers – Level 3 Forgotten Flowers

Small Fruit Tree – Level 3 Fruit Tree

Fanciful Moon Plant – Level 6 Magic Moon Plant

Moonflower – Level 5 Forgotten Flower

Fallen Star

Temple Pieces – Level 3 Ancient Object

Mystery Tanzanite Egg Nest

Secret Golden Capsule

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