Merge Dragons Friend Code

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  1. Toasty

    Add me and Post your code here!!!

    1. Linda

      My tag is khtptahk

      1. Kirsty Hewitt

        Hi my tag is BKDZUMVN

        1. Rachel

          My tag is WFIFFPHSZX. I just discovered this game and am looking for friends!

          1. Hemamalini

            Sent you a request

        2. Tameka

          My tag is ZDHKUNXSDY. Please add!

        3. Milka

          Hi. My tag is EASLRDBOEK

    2. Jane

      Added! My tag: YDZNZUTD

      1. Becky L Simpson


        1. Miya

          Hi, I want to make new friends so please add me
          Code: HPJQZYDCGR

    3. Michael

      Sorry it’s VDVFODZX

    4. Jammie

      Hi Toasty I added you Linda and Jane. I’m Jammie pronounced Jamie.

    5. Becca

      Added! My tag is: PUVKBIOB

    6. AJ Morin

      Here’s my friend tag AJATGZLU

    7. Blair

      NGINHOPF add me toasty i watch your videos all the time …by far the most helpful person on YouTube

    8. V

      My code is svhyugznow

    9. Shonda Chrissonberry

      Newbie! Need friends and tips! OESDNVCLSM

    10. Mona


      1. Ed


    11. Kassondra Soto


    12. Casper

      My tag

    13. Marianna

      Thanks for adding me! MYGEALBAYB

    14. Julie/paradise Island


      My tag is ALBGBRABGN

    15. GingaJen

      My name GingaJen code is VHRTXITO

    16. kolgoreng

      hi! my camp name is kolgoreng and my tag is ZCHBPHRVKG

    17. Sandara


    18. kathy

      My tag RGZMKLVQKR

    19. Sharon

      My code is MTWTGJXKAR. Please friend me.

    20. Rachelle

      Send me a friend request @ SVAJPWKGTK
      Camp name: Camp Stormie

    21. Adyan


    22. Amy

      Added! My tag is WVYGYPZOLO please add me!

    23. Tkw

      I am kind of new to this game. I have learned a lot from your info. Please add me as a friend. I would also like to add you as my friend. My code is WIHUAVYHFR. Thank you!

    24. Amanda

      Awesome! My tag is VIXKGGWBYD
      Looking forward to exchanging with you all !

    25. Lynn

      I would love to have more friends! My code is QXCSSOVXEL

    26. Emma

      I definitely need more friends on this game!


    27. Nicci


    28. Kade


    29. Lily

      Qmefnbalir is my tag and my camp/name is shadow link I need more friends

    30. Jason

      EUFJEUNPNG I am on daily will send gifts

    31. Windy


    32. Michelle


    33. Lisa

      My camp name is lafalot09

    34. Shannon

      Hi! My tag QHLHNLCP named wolf camp!

  2. Nick

    My camp name is Shadow Falls and my tag is EQTBIBVH

  3. Marita


    1. Esther

      My tag is BRAJRSFJVI!

  4. chelsey


    1. oh_snap_tic_tac

      My code is: FLBPDSMUZM
      My username is oh_snap_tic_tac 🙂

      1. PozinIvy (in game)/ Luv2bevl

        Looking for friends in game, always nice to give & give gifts! OTUJWQNJMM

  5. Joan Utley

    My tag is WEWVWXGQ!

  6. Davina

    My tag is PVIYKKJN

  7. Janae


  8. Omar

    My tag is kgtprkct

  9. Erica Dawber

    My tag: OGWBXKOJ

  10. Celeste


  11. DKA

    Thanks, my code is OYRYIFQT

  12. Mandalady

    My code is OYZLUPAS 🙂

  13. Bryce

    thanks! Love the community!

  14. Kelgorthon

    My code is VKUMALFV

  15. Ian

    My tag is NWCMMFTHFN

  16. BDC

    My tag: PBYEXFXQ

  17. Lamorus


  18. Shle


    1. Ray Gentapanan


      1. Chinese girl

        Hello my tag is WTHLLGPLZZ. Chinese girl

  19. Chelsey


  20. Marz


  21. Jason


  22. Kay


  23. Patricia Lyle

    XHYOHMCZ and I love your videos!

    1. Estefisir

      Hi! My tag is NGBFSBDHZJ.

  24. Virginia

    Add me svhyugznow

  25. Tony Simpson


    1. Mimisakura

      Add me

  26. Coleybug


  27. Dana


  28. Katie B


  29. Barb W


  30. Elaina

    My tag is TTVYWFYN add me! Loving your videos!!

  31. Phienix



  32. Jammie

    Hi Toasty I added you Linda and Jane. I’m Jammie pronounced Jamie. I could use a couple more friends since we can only send 5 gifts it’s ROVSEVCVRC

  33. rubee



  34. Melissa Sue

    RVNHJXMX Redland

  35. rubee

    camp rubee

    My TAG:


  36. Tara Joyce


  37. Charlotte


  38. Becky L Simpson


  39. Karina

    I play every day!

  40. Christine

    My tag is FSOKXOQD. I’d love some new friends

  41. Jax

    Love ur camp
    Please add me QCXJZVYL

  42. Jennifer

    My camp is Key camp and my code is BCOSRHWQWO

  43. Law

    My Tag is: QGDBSZKLDO

  44. Lady ramoth


    1. Pixie

      Hi, I’ve added you. This is me: LBFAOJDQAG <3

  45. Michaela

    Hey Toasty and Peeps,

    I have a question. I went onto MD and sent out friend gifts then played Totem Shire 5. Went to my camp and then all of sudden it asked me to choose a name for my camp (which was already set) and then i did it again and saw all my friends i had were gone. AJ, Helena, you and few others.

    Has this happened to anyone before that you possibly know of?


      Hi Michaela,
      I had te same problem.
      Since the new update My game keeps asking me for a camp name.
      I just close the tab an dont fill it out again

  46. Michaela

    Even my tag changed but the progress of my game is the same.

  47. momo


  48. Exprezzo

    My tag is RMVPZYUNKI – I play every day 🙂

  49. Ecs2YTL1


  50. Aggy


  51. Crystal


  52. Jax

    Toasty do u know how to add friends to your Den ?
    My Den name is FireStone

    1. Toasty

      tell them the name, they have to look it up to join!

      1. francis

        um toasty can u join DBSToastyDen plz

        1. Toasty

          Sorry I already have a den

  53. Melissa


  54. naaz nisha

    hi my tag is 0HBAKKMYZF

  55. Tatted

    Anyone want to be friends here is my tag 😉
    Love ur videos !!! <3

  56. Felicia

    Hey Toasty, here’s my tag: FVRZFIFUNC. Thank you in advance for adding me to your friends list.

  57. Ed

    Pyro Hey Toasty, here’s my tag: URYUMAVO

  58. Dee White

    Hi Toasty – Dee from Cairns Australia here. Friend code is YIQRDAJR.
    Have been following you for a few months now and appreciate your videos they have really helped a lot.

    Many thanks in advance – have a happy day 🤗

    1. Toasty

      Thanks so much!!! Hope you’re having a blast with this Toys Galore Event!!! Happy Gaming

  59. Rozanna aka rose

    Hi toasty, my name is Rose (wel Rozanna since im dutch mist englisg speaking peeps call me rose.) I Found your vids and your website promo amd wnated to leave my friend code. Im kyra’s camp andmy tagg is ATCZPQLFOZ.

  60. ChristenHofbauer

    My tag: VLXWJLVGBH

  61. Valsir


  62. Sylwetka

    Thanks for posting tricks & tips-Very helpful.
    My tag: IJNLBATU

    1. Toasty


  63. Paras

    Add me for friend dragon my code JUTXKFXG

  64. Thanh

    I’m new to Merge Dragons. my wife plays and i wanted to be cool. my code: kriwjoxbmy

  65. Sierra Elizabeth

    Hi Guys , Been playing for about 3 months!!
    Really been enjoying the game !!
    Need some friends , so feel free to add me !

  66. Nancy

    My tag is WKICENBIKV, please add me I play every day!

  67. Melanie

    My tag is QOQUNFHXRZ, add me to exchange gifts pls!

  68. Alicia


  69. Ruan


  70. Sparkle Isle

    I enjoy your videos & the community Toasty. Keep up the hard work!

  71. Vitani


  72. Keke


  73. Shay

    Add me 🙃 your videos have helped me so much !

  74. Jaden

    add me my tag is XHJTUPFAOK

  75. Jaden

    My camp is named iHDH’s Camp
    my friend tag: XHJTUPFAOK

  76. Nikki


  77. LAR

    AUGDZDAY love your videos!

  78. Shay

    Add me Looking to add more friends

    Btw absolutely love you awesome videos

  79. jlc24


  80. Birkani


  81. jay tee


  82. Fablina

    Hi, my code is VTYJSQXYNJ

    Love your videos 🙂

    1. Toasty

      Thanks so much!!!

  83. Tina Stafford

    Love the videos! This game is very addicting :).
    Looking for friends. OFYIHKRLLB

  84. RoLY roLLs

    Just started playing 5 days ago. Found you all over YouTube! Great work! Thanks!

    Anyone can add me: YFABFSRMEV

  85. Cklina

    Cklina (pronounced ck-lina)
    Love playing and love the videos!!!
    Would love more friends

  86. Hannah Kirby

    My name is Hannah!
    My MD friend code is OQJKNPHIHE

  87. V

    I play daily!

  88. andra kay

    would love more friends! please add me: GAXSBCBM

  89. Pipa

    Hey My name is Pipa and I love your videos!! Im hooked!! Please add me!!!!! TZSYENFVOH

    1. Toasty

      Thanks so much Pipa!!!

  90. Julie

    QAYIFQUDDB. Thanks friend!

  91. Elin Forsmo

    Love your videos.
    My code SJTEJYFT.

    1. Sid

      My tag is uawaniwgti! ♥️

  92. Mochi


  93. Sarah

    Pretty new and would love some more friends
    Camp: The Squeakiest

  94. Ven


  95. ZEE


  96. Jonas


    64k dragon power
    keep merging

  97. Melissa


  98. Poizonfairy

    My tag: TADYHRRSHG. New player here, camp name is Stormborn. Happy merging folks 🙂

  99. Nikki


  100. Markasha

    Add me
    My Tag : PIFFAXKM
    I love merge dragons just need more friends 😁

  101. Aaron Robeyns


    1. Adrija

      Hi everyone my tag is [ BTLSSJVUUT ] . Love your videos tosty ❤️ love from india ,westbangal

  102. Elle

    Love your videos!
    I’m a daily player and would love more friends.
    Camp name: The Swamp
    Camp tag: GVYVTNCL

  103. Royalty

    Hi everyone!

    Would love if everyone could add me and I will add you back.

    My tag is: AWZSBNRFTI

    Glad I have found people who love the game as much as I do! Completed my first event and I am delighted! Woop woop!

    1. Toasty

      That’s awesome CONGRATS on finishing you first event!!!

  104. Michele


  105. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Hey from the east coast! Please add me, I will send gifts to all who send to me!


  106. SpazzMonkey

    Hey all! Dont know why it took me so long to think of looking up friend tags (or even bothering looking at the add friend options 🤦‍♀️)
    Would love if people would add me! I’ve already randomly grabbed a few codes and added too!


  107. AriasWorld


  108. Lehanie

    Hey Toasty, thanks for taking the time to make your videos. I’ve learned so much since finding your channel and even managed to finish a couple of events.

    Please add me!


  109. Jillville


  110. Anders

    Hey Toasty!
    Love your livestreams and I’ve been learning very much from them!
    Please add me!

  111. IAN

    EZYSLQSZWL, 1040 Dragon Power

  112. Ed

    Please add me anyone


  113. kampZ

    YTGUUCXQAG, please add me!

  114. MUFUKS



  115. Vondie


  116. Evi

    Hey Lovelies
    love this website, I love this game. Please add me as a friend. My code is QFJGZSXX.
    I also love Merge magic my code for that is VNUPELHPLZ. Thanks for this space Toasty

  117. Diana Leff


    diana 37

  118. Lillie

    My name is Lillie Mattingly, I love Toasty, she has a great vibe and wonderful energy. Here is my tag for MD ad MM, there is another game similar to MD as well that I am playing, Toasty, if interested.

    MD: fjuwcnkhya

  119. Felicia


  120. dark


  121. Tanvi

    Hey everyone, my tag is JPHWRGTNPB

  122. Maggi

    Hey all! My tag is LJGBXRGKDJ

  123. Carmen

    need some friends. thanks! SVAXCNEDFT

  124. Jd


  125. Colleen


  126. Reds

    Hi everyone!
    My tag is ESZYVJSJRQ

  127. Viola

    Looking to add – daily player AXOMDGMYPH

  128. Dizchord


  129. TheShadowpuff

    Hi, my friend code is XILUEYJNUT

  130. Rayanne lessa

    Olá, my friend code is MHRGCUCBRQ.
    see you there

  131. CaityV

    Hi! My code is GITBBKBLOZ. Thanks for the add!

  132. vkowals

    Hello Toasty and everyone. Below is my code.

  133. Sarah

    My tag is JDHIXKUIXT, see you in the game 😉

  134. Zemblanity

    Daily player with one active friend. Add me.

  135. Nate

    My tag is ZSZGJCXJTI. Thank you!

  136. CyCamp4093rd

    My friend Code: HEHRQDHTTO

  137. Ossie

    Had a new phone and lost all my friends 🙁
    Support cant help me at this moment they say
    Please add me
    Thnx 🙏

    1. Mika

      WMHXOFXRJE anyone can add me, I send gifts regularly. Also, is there an active guild out there? All I’m seeing is guilds of 3…

  138. Anita

    My tag: EEXYKNBVDV

  139. DOUGLAS

    my tag is EZJEXFJYPY

  140. Aik

    My tag: LNMJXFORRM

  141. Tang

    My tag is PSRTGSOEOM (The Camp #5420)

  142. Adriza

    Hi everyone my tag is BTLSSJVUUT… Lv ur videos toasty❤😍

  143. Mayi

    Hi Everybody 😉

    Here is ma tag: LPXXZDOYWO

  144. Bluedarc

    You’re welcome to add me: WZTJMSGRFC

  145. Diana (Amazon Junkie and Hot Mess)

    Please add me!


  146. Hoose of Moose (Mad Moose)

    Hey! 🙂
    Daily player and I will (try to) remember to gift daily too! 😉 lol Memory not what it was – easily distracted!
    Loving the Toast! She’s Ah-mayyy-zing! 😀
    Oh yeah … code =

    1. Toasty

      Thanks so much!!!

  147. Kaleolani

    OSHMFGEOZB is my code. 🙂 It’s Mama’s Camp.
    I love your videos. Thank you so much for all your help in this and Merge Magic.

  148. Tiaan

    DLMAOUCNXG I have learned allot from your guides and videos 🙂

  149. Bernadette

    IMZOQMXSSB is my code. I’m Grannybooboo. Love and healing prayers to Foxy! You do good in this heavy world by keeping it fun and light. Carry on!

  150. Shanti

    My tag: IWCOLPRWIK

  151. Cindy

    Thank you for the great videos, watching them helped me completely finish an event for the first time (Zen 2020). Right now the events are the best part of the game for me, since healing land in the camp goes so slow. All of your tips and tricks for the camp have been a big help also.

    My friend code is. IBJCJKRZZF

  152. Yesenia

    My tag # JHCDFIXFCV, Thank you for your videos, been playing for a month and have learned a lot from you.

  153. Stacey

    thank you so much for the helpful videos! I’m excited to start using some of these! My camp ID is: MOVNJGGSAU

    Thanks so much!!!

  154. Tiffany

    Hi my tag GIONWIGYWV

  155. Molly

    MFHFREBATH at first glance it looks like it say “my free bath”…

  156. Yesenia


  157. Liz

    My friend code is WNNNYBXACC 🙂 You are so awesome!!!! I love your videos and all your tips and tricks! Thanks for always posting the Cloud Keys so quickly!! I would love to visit your Camp!

  158. RUBY

    Hi! I Just Started Playing Merge Dragons About 2 Months Ago.. & Then I Searched YT For Help & Found Toasty! Love Watching You!
    Anyone Who Would Like To Add Me?

    Thank You & Merge On!

  159. Rachel


  160. Amy :)

    Thanks for all of your videos! My friend code is CUWDONMEUP

  161. ZeZe


  162. Tina simpson

    Tinas dragons DJFCYKFCZL
    my den is mrsbigglesworth

  163. Jasmine



  164. Carl B (Tom Sawyer)

    I messed up and was unable to edit this so I will re-post:
    Friend Code: REMJHCUJ
    Den is MyOCD
    Merge Dragon name is Tom Sawyer TGB

  165. Chrys


  166. Katherine

    My tag is ZMHVXGDBSE !
    Looking forward to exchanging with you all !

  167. Michael


  168. Saille

    CKKTWDGEFH is my tag, Dracohaus is my name in game! 🙂

  169. Dracoville

    Add me as Friend. Mon code Ami (Tag) OKWXLHOQHP
    Join my den (French speaking)- Rejoignez mon repaire : DRAGONSduCIEL

  170. Kevin

    my Tag is GLXQAQXCVY

  171. Maria

    My Tag is CLVLLZYKME

    1. Emma


  172. Shelly Thakur

    My tag IWQCFXNYJS add me !!

  173. Christina

    My tag is DMFVPFJXZL

  174. Emily

    My tag is BKKPOUEYIN

  175. Black_Game


  176. Karen Newton


    Daily dragon and toasted gamer addiction!

  177. Ryan

    Not had game long look g to add friends am active daily

  178. Amy

    Mine is RCDAJTQHSO

  179. Ivie


  180. Stefan

    My tag is YUPMXOMPUO

  181. Bernita


    Please add me JFBCRSCYHR

  182. Juliana

    My code is JSULJJRJRE. My camp name is Kpop Camp.

    Toasty – you are amazing and thanks so much for creating this AWESOME community!

    1. Toasty

      Thanks so much Juliana!!!

  183. Dntbscared

    Hello My Tag: DOCLMCJNOB

    1. dntbscared

      Sorry, I forgot I also made a new Den – DBSToastyDen – if any would like to join.

  184. Kayla


  185. Saloni Agarwal

    Hello I’m new to the game help me guide this is my code. XXMGDSVWNU
    Please add thank-you in advance.

  186. Lu


  187. Sui

    My tag is KRMVJLNJES camp name is dragon flower.

  188. Lexa Richmond

    SBNVSWCNVO love your videos!

  189. Cyntia

    Hi, my tag is RXFHVZRLCU.
    Tks for add me

  190. D Rush

    FHZRGBDA sharing egg shells

    Hi Toastey enjoying your YouTube videos and your style of play and presentation. Cheers

  191. Serenity

    My friendship code: WZEGSVGA
    Please friend me! I gift people when I have gifts! oUo stay safe everybody!
    My camp name: eclipse camp

  192. francis

    hi toasty! my code is RUMKXTRXZJ

  193. Dadadin

    hello everybody! i love Toastys videos! she helped me a lot with it! thank you so much!
    and here is my code =) UKXAHUFDPQ

  194. amm311311

    Hello, would love to add some friends to my camp! My tag is BABFTSSLDR
    Thanks and happy merging!

  195. Opal

    New to the game, friends would be lovely!


    1. oswalds place

      hello I cant get your code to work

  196. Lizzie


  197. Camp


  198. Jeff


  199. Sasha


  200. Emma


  201. Roaylance


  202. Kayla

    Hi! my tag is OQYXHQABHI

  203. Hollis Tinsley

    Heya! I am so glad I found your site! My code is MUINLAWF.

    1. oswalds place

      hi i cant get your code to work

  204. Sarco

    AWRVXPCRAL hello my cde here thanks!

  205. GazP

    Gald to add me : FSBYWGDLNS

    1. oswalds place

      hello mipvbmvmld

  206. dnjm

    Love your site! My code is VQOPAMKAEE

    1. oswalds place

      hello mipvbmvmld

  207. Vampyreska

    Daily player here! 15,000+ dragon power and I gift daily. Lost ALL my Merge friends during an update so all I have left is Kala 🙁


  208. oswalds place

    Hello here is my tag mipvbmvmld

  209. Tee Taiwo

    Hello All and Toasty. Thanks for all your videos. They are mega helpful. My tag is PYCCECGDOS

  210. Bambi

    Hey hello, my tag is TBDWKBQUAUA greetz from Holland!

  211. JB


  212. Amanda

    Awesome! My tag is VIXKGGWBYD
    Looking forward to exchanging with you all !

  213. Bre


  214. Sakari

    Hello There.
    Here is my tag CTWRDESTRK.
    Greetings from Europe

  215. Tara

    VUEKVWCYZO Thanks for all of your videos. I wouldn’t have gotten as far with out them! 🙂

  216. Petrol13

    Hello =)
    My Code is BEVOWJPUQR, hope we see us soon =)

  217. Gaetan

    Hi My code is MQCHLEUDBT 🙂

  218. Marci

    SLIZARZW is my code. My kids and I love your videos! We play together and would love to have you as a friend!

  219. Danerys

    Our den is looking new members!
    Look for BloodoftheDragon.

  220. Rafael

    Hi! New to the game here, been playing for a week, it’s soo cool!
    Great to have your videos to help 🙂

    Camp Name: Hansso

  221. Melina


  222. Maarten

    OISIRBPQAM is my code!

    1. Maarten

      Sorry, OISIRBPGAM

  223. Larry

    My Tag is SYLINIYUMU

  224. Bob

    My tag is VZBJAJEPAM

  225. Christy

    Hey everyone! Feel free to add me! My tag: JYOWQZIOKZ

  226. Volcana

    Hello, my code is: FGNCFRLIEX

    im pretty new to your channel but OMG you helped me so much. thank youuu toasty 😀 pa-teng 😀

  227. Emma

    Hey All!
    My tag is vzkviqrtcn.

  228. Archana

    Hey my tag is DDMMDVUHNR

  229. Valentin

    My tagg add IJPSJTWLUN

  230. Josh

    my code is WKLHBBWCLG daily player please add me!

  231. Tortellini

    Let’s be friend and send gift to each other

  232. Carla

    My code is DOVNCXEGKQ, daily player!

  233. Panther City Paula

    Hi from Fort Worth – Lookin’ for MD friends and sending you a gift:   AMEBKETYYT

  234. Addie

    Feel free to add me! I’m a daily player. My code is: YKMQVDEHUR. I’ve watched your videos for a little while, Toasty and your tips and livestreams have really helped me finish events and progress in my camp! I love your positive energies!

  235. Annie

    Hello Friends!! My code is WQIDTXPCAG.
    Fell free to add me, I play every day!

  236. Colleen

    Hi I’m loving this game and toasty makes it even more fun ,I would love to have more friends my code is SPACBQZKYL

  237. Lucy

    Little bit obsessed…. 🤯

    Mine is JBGJANTSAV

  238. Lois

    Love Love the game but need more friends please


  239. Dawnn

    Hey from Ga y’all. Add me as a friend if ya want to. Happy Merging!! WTFTSBOMBX

  240. Llissa Glisten

    Please add me, daily player. BBVQAGCNYL Thanks all!

  241. BloodReina7

    Dear Toasty,

    I thank you for the time you have invested on this game. Your walk thru’s have helped me complete those hard levels. My game tag is WHDCSQAWLO

  242. Michele


  243. Danielle


  244. Kathryn Moore


  245. Beezie Web


  246. TU FRIEND


  247. Wulf's Dragoons

    I play every day and send gifts. Code is TVWSHYRJAI

  248. Best player


    Add me! I’ll send gifts

  249. Kelly

    Been playing for years, love your vids toasty!!

  250. Weeselandia


  251. Betseylou

    i Play every day (too much during the day) and send gifts

  252. Polly R

    Please add me


  253. Stone Dragons


  254. Ashaya


  255. Wala

    I’ve been playing daily for a year and need friends. Will send gifts! My code: WXSJUFJEGS

  256. Vickey Crum

    My code is ZSQNCEKAGT. I would love more friends!

  257. Jan L

    I am new to this game, but totally addicted. THANK you for your videos! Open to new friends: qinvmlmdtk

  258. ShannonLouise

    CampShannonigans – WFELCKSISA

  259. Jesskya

    Code is SHSYXOPRHO

  260. Charisse

    My Tag is PKVLKHNPXX

  261. Soul

    My freind code UIGBXSKYZI

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