Merge Dragons Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees are ideal for farming Coins and sprouting Life Flower Sprouts; higher level the Free Trees can sprout Pink and even Blue Life Flowers!

If you want to work on your Fruit Trees, the Moon Chests are wonderful! They can be found on the far right of the menu with the Chest icon. They only cost 40 Stone Bricks which is an amazing value!

This video demonstrates the rewards from Phobos Chests!!!

Check out how many coins we get from merging a bunch of Watermelons!!!

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  1. JoEllen

    What item spawns mushroom caps?

  2. lunatica

    lvl11 fruit trees = wonder = magic beanstalk…how long is it useful?? after getting several tribal dragon nests and single eggs – should it be sold or do you get more later??

    1. Toasty

      I keep them, every 10 hours spent “in camp’ they can be tapped for a tribal dragon egg or a nest and a life flower; glowing or twin life flowing usually…

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