Merge Dragons Glacier Falls 2

Get 3 Stars!!!

Click on the floating Life Flower Seeds to collect and merge together for Life Flower Sprouts, then use a Life Flower Sprout to unlock the Mystic Cloud in the top right.

Harvest the Shrub Sprout for a Magic Mushroom Cap to unlock the bottom right Mystic Cloud.


!!! Save the Nice Treasure Chests to merge them in order to complete the 3rd Quest!!!

Merge Blue Life Flowers together to unlock the Life Tree Sprout, the bottom left Mystic Cloud Key.

Now heal a bit of land to be able to merge the 5 Life Tree Sprouts, then the Life Tree Saplings.

Once you have the 3 Shrub Sprouts merge them, and then merge the Budding Shrubs.

Then you can get the Magic Shroom Level 4 to unlock the last Mystic Cloud in the top left.

Destroy the Demon Gates in order to merge the Gaia Statues for the win!!!


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