Merge Dragons Graves

You can tap the Level 4 and 5 Graves for Grimm Seeds, let the grow into Grimm Saplings and then merge them for Grimm Trees!

How Do You Get Graves?

Merge 5 Level 4 Grimm Chests Of Suffering together to summon a Level 3 Swamp Zomblin, destroy it to obtain its grave; A level 2 Corwin’s Tomb. Watch the video below to see!!!

Once you have the Stone Wonder, Stonehenge, you will sometimes notice that Zomblins will rise out of them to destroy land so you have to heal it again.
Destroy them fast and you will earn a grave!

At the end of certain levels you can purchase graves with your gems, its the same menu you can choose the Purple Stars you can bring back to your Camp as shown below!

It’s rare but sometimes when you tap on a Haunted House level 5 and above, you can get a Fresh Grave. The level 8 and above will very rarely give a Corwin’s Tomb!

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