Merge Dragons Magnificent Artefacts

Friday April 3, 2020 a One Time Offer appeared in Merge Dragons, Pack 1 and Pack 2 became available for 72 hours. The 2nd Pack contained a Soul Crescent Artefact which similar to a Zen Temple was able to level up by spending gems. In the video above we see how to get the new Magnificent Artefacts Wonder ; The Last Relic Artefact !!!

Lucky for me, Rose Wilderness shared these screenshots with me, Thanks so much!!!

Instead of having the Soul Crescent Artefact In Pack 2 of the One-Time Offer, it is the 6th reward in the 2020 Merge Dragons Easter Event!!!

That means there are at least 3 different variations of the event! In my opinion the Soul Crescent Artefact is a MUST HAVE!!! The 3rd version seems to not have it available yet… Check to see if its your 6th reward?!

The 3rd version is displayed in the screenshots below! Thanks so much Jennifer for sharing these screenshots!!!

I’m really curious if we will see this again or is this literally a One-Time Offer??? It’s the first time we see this new Magnificent Artefacts chain, hopefully it won’t be the last!!!

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  1. Beth

    Really torqued I bought this and never got the artefact!

    1. Toasty

      Contact support! Best of luck!

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