Merge Dragons Merge 5 Event | May 2019

Today Wednesday May 13, 2019 another Merge 5 Event countdown appeared! That means the next Merge Dragons Event starts this Friday! I will be live streaming at the launch of the event so make sure to check that out on Youtube at 3PM GMT (New York time)! 

Make sure to bookmark this page for quick reference during the event, more tips and tricks coming soon!!!

Tips And Tricks From The Last Merge 5 Event

To earn all the rewards during the previous Merge 5 Event you needed 6000 total points!


For the most part, basic 5 merges gives 5 points so in that case it would take 1200x 5 merges to get enough points to collect all the rewards.

The higher the level of the item you are merging, the more points you get… *Refer to Point Values below*

So if you merge a higher level item like Level 7 or 8 Stone Bricks it will give you 8 points.

Therefore if you were to only make these higher level merges that give 8 points, it would only take 750x 5 merges to complete the amount of points needed to get all the rewards.

I suggest making higher level merges as much as possible!!!

To beat the event it can take from about 750 to 1200 total 5 Merges! Maybe even less depending on the items that will be in you Secret Capsules. In the previous Merge 5 Event some of the Bronze Secret Capsules had green 5 leaf clovers that gave additional points! Look at the image below!

Stone Bricks Point Values

Stone Brick Level 1 : 5 pts

Stone Bricks Level 2 : 5 pts

Pile of Stone Bricks Level 3 : 6 pts

Nightstone Brick Level 4 : 6 pts

Nightstone Bricks Level 5 : 7 pts

Pile of Nightstone Bricks Level 6 : 7 pts

Orge Stone Shards Level 7 : 8 pts 

Ogre Stone Level 8 : 8 pts 

Ogre Stone Monolith Level 9 : ? 9 pts ?!… lol just kidding you cant merge these…

Livestream Schedule

Friday (GMT - New York Time)

3PM |

7PM |









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