Merge Dragons New Update Version 3.26.1 | July 2019

The Merge Dragons New Update Version 3.26.1 challenged us this past weekend with the Combo Event! It was tough but once you got the rhythm things started to roll and the rewards were definitely worth it!!!

Make sure your game is up to date with the New 3.26.1 Version!

The Carnival Event is coming up this weekend and I can’t wait!!! If we look in the description below, they mention “Tony’s: the Calypso Carnival” and “Grab your beads and coconuts” so this is lining up to be PATANG!!! I’m brain storming ideas for the upcoming Teaser video, stay tuned!


In the image below we see the Merge Dragons Combo Event Rewards! A level 6 Midas Tree, a level 4 Jungle Dragon, a level 3 Wise Dragon and Skeleton & Jungle Dragon Eggs! All amazing rewards that were worth all that hard work making those tricky combos!

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