Merge Dragons Owlympus Event Quests

There should be 10 quests in this upcoming Merge Dragons Owlympus Event! More coming soon! Make sure to check out the Live Stream Sunday @ 6PM GMT (New York Time) See you then!!!

Event Quests Special Rewards

For this Merge Dragons Owlympus Event there are extra rewards you can get by completing all the 10 Quests!!! The Nest of Hatched Owlet Griffons can only be attained this way!

Quest 1 | Merge 5 of Anything x125

Quest 2 | Harvest from Dead Plants x65

Quest 3 | Heal Land x 35

Quest 4 | Heal Land x 350

Quest 5 | Create a Life Orb Of Heavens x3

Quest 6 | Heal 675 Land

Quest 7 | Harvest Brilliant Life Flower x50

Quest 8 | Harvest From Falcon Chariot x100

Learn more about Chariots!

Quest 9 | Create a Spartan Helmet | Ancient Greek Object Level 9

Learn more about the Ancient Greek Objects!

Quest 10 | Heal All The Land

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