Merge Dragons Purple Locked Chests

There are 4 different levels of Purple Locked Chests. Although they look the same, depending on where they come from, their contents will vary. You can get these Purple Chests from Life Flowers, Living Stones, Fallen Stars, Dragon Trees & merging Amber, Prism Flowers & Treasure Chests. As well depending on where they come from the cost will vary to open the chest even though they look identical. (Refer to examples below)


I unlocked 3 of these Purple Dragon Egg Chests harvested specifically from Life Flowers and Life Trees.

In two chests there was 2 Life Dragon Eggs each and the third chest only had one Life Dragon Egg as well as life orbs.

Purple Dragon Egg Chest

Purple Radiant Egg Chest

Purple Dragon Nest Vault

Purple HUGE Nest Vault

Still researching… More To Follow…

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