Merge Dragons Purple Star Farming

Merge Dragons Purple Star Farming is a technique used to get more Gems in the game.

It’s hard to predict when you will get a Purple Star but here is a list of levels that I play when looking for Purple Stars; in order of preference.

I recommend always completing the quests to earn the stars, each star has a chance of being Purple. Even the Creation, Flourish and Action Quests in camp have a possibility of being a Purple Star! The levels in this list are levels that are easy to complete, earn all 3 starts, don’t take many chalices and they are quick levels to win!

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  1. Alexandria

    Thank you for all your help as I try to figure out this game. I don’t P2P so finding purple stars is important but hard. I already won Zomblin Falls 1 and just went back to do it but didn’t get a star so is it only the first time that we achieve the level that we get it? Thank you!

    1. Toasty

      It is a level that can be played multiple times for purple stars! You never know when you might get one so make sure to always complete all 3 quests!!!

  2. Caz198

    I can’t work out how to bring the stars I win on levels back to camp any ideas?

      1. Jayme

        Awesome, I didn’t know they could be brought back to camp, thank you 🙂

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