Merge Dragons Purple Stars

Merge Dragons Purple Stars

Merge Dragons Purple Stars, aka Dragon Stars are found randomly when getting stars by completing quests in the levels from the World Map as well as the quests back at camp.

Watch my videos below to learn more valuable tips and tricks!!!

On Youtube I created a playlist with all the times I get Purple Stars!

Don’t forget to carefully tap them once to get an extra Gem!!!

The Magnificent Dragon Star comes from merging the purple Dragon Stars together (5 merges suggested).

When you tap on it, you receive a bunch of Dragon Gems and Giant Dragon Gems!!!

Watch the videos below for a demonstration packed with strategies, tips and tricks!

Watch the video on the right to learn how to bring Purple Stars back to your camp!!!

Take Stars back to camp to merge!!!

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  1. Fran Blemer

    List of levels to farm purple stars – by toasty! (at 21:19 of “Merge Dragons How To Get FREE GEMS & What To Spend Gems On” video)

    skull grove
    quarry 7
    open lands
    zomblin falls 1 (top 3)
    fear isle 1
    silent bay 9
    dread march 3 (top 3)
    summit 1
    summit 2 (golden chest – 12h)
    fjiord 7
    maywood 17 (silver chest – 6h)
    golden meadow 9 (top 3)

  2. Kahlan

    I dont get it, I played dread march 3, 3 times and zomblin falls 5 times and not a single purple star…

    1. Toasty

      some day are like that… try it again and make sure you always complete all 3 quests; I have heard you have an average of 1 purple star every 20 gold stars, so with 7 chalices you can play dread marsh 3 x7 and should get 21 total stars… Hopefully next time you have more luck!!!

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