Merge Dragons Royal Egg Bank

Video Above : 3rd Time Toasty Gets Royal Egg Bank!!!

What Is The Merge Dragons Royal Egg Bank?

Watch to see the Merge Dragons Royal Egg Bank unlocked in the video above!!!

When you collect your daily reward, you are probably going to get a Jeweled Egg! Tap this egg and it will open up the Royal Egg Bank!

When you get the red Jeweled Egg with a question mark on it, the Jeweled Decision Egg, you can choose between 3 different Trophy Dragon Eggs! Make sure to choose well! You can choose your favorite dragon egg or make a strategic choice! As you can see in these videos, when you get to make the choice, you can leave the Egg Bank and go check what eggs you currently have. If you have 3 eggs and you can choose that egg 2 times, that will allow you to make a 5 merge!

The results are different for everyone! I received 6 Trophy Dragon Eggs and 3 Diva Dragon Whelps!!! It was definitely worth it for me!!! Not everyone has had the same experience…

The video below is where I open the Royal Egg Bank in my second account that I’m using for the Beginner Guide and the next video is the first video about this new feature, when I had finally discovered the Royal Egg Bank!

Merge Dragons Royal Egg Bank
Merge Dragons Royal Egg Bank #2
Jeweled Decision Egg (Red ? Egg)
Jeweled Egg

Is The Egg Bank Worth It?

Is it worth it to spend 150 hard earned Gems to unlock the Merge Dragons Royal Egg Bank? The rewards vary every time so it’s hard to say. The 2 times I bought the Royal Egg Bank I believe it was worth it. Some people will disagree, so at the end of the line its up to you to choose!

The guaranteed rewards are the 6 Trophy Dragon Eggs you will receive. Both times I have tried, there were also 3x rare Level 1 Trophy Dragons (Diva & Skeleton).

In the Dragon Egg Shop, trophy dragon eggs are for sale at a starting price of 10 gems. So let’s say we buy 5 trophy eggs (the price increases by 1 gem every purchase) and spend 60 gems. 

10+11+12+13+14=60 gems

Merging those give us 2 trophy dragon whelps. So we do that twice, get 4 trophy dragon whelps and have spent 120 gems. So we could get 3 more trophy eggs for 10 eggs each making a total of 150 gems spent.

If you take the time to choose the best eggs from the Jeweled Decision Egg you can end up making more merges in the long run making it more beneficial in the long run!


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  1. Balloon Boi

    Hey Toasted love your videos can you visit my camp for a video its Balloon Boi

  2. SdotRonda

    I have like a 2k worth of gems but my Royal Dragon Egg Bank is no longer on the game. Does that happen with such a large amount of gems?

    1. Toasty

      The Royal Egg Bank feature is no longer available, no one is sure if it is coming back or not…

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