Merge Dragons Sakura Dream Event Guide Oct 2020

This Information was found in the Settings menu, contact sections where you can find upcoming events!!!

I’m going to be Livestreaming the Merge Dragons Sakura Dream Event from the very start so make sure to be there or check out the video later!!! This is going to be such a fun Event!!! Stay tuned in and stay toasty!!!

The Merge Dragons Sakura Dream Event will begin Friday October 23rd, 2020 @ 3PM EST (New York Time). It will last 72 hours until Monday October 26th, 2020 @ 3PM EST. Make sure to stay tuned in with the Live Stream schedule below, play along with Toasty and earn all the rewards!!!


Friday (EST - New York Time)









Don't Merge The Level 1 Miniature Shrine too soon!!!

Collect Japanese Charms for Points, Merge Them Up For 65000 or 29950 Points!!!

I can’t wait to see what we have in store for this Merge Dragons! Sakura Dream Event of October 2020!!! We might see the Shiba Dragon and Sensei Dragon during this event and what could the other dragon be this time!!!

In the past there was the ??? Event during November 2018. That is where I received the Swimming Pool as an Event Trophy Reward. This trophy initially spawns 4 Dog Dragon Eggs and I have saved this for the occasional Pet Special Rewards, take the Delicious Food and merge them into Amazing Food for the chance of getting a Cat Trophy Dragon Egg, dragon tree or life orb! 

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  1. Melissa

    I currently we have two phones and I play merge dragons on both. When I do the update Cloud thing it doesn’t update my stuff correctly. So I went into each account and it says that I have different ID numbers so I don’t know if that could be switched

    1. Toasty

      I have no clue, contact support, good luck!!!

  2. Luis

    can I Erase a basic shire lvl2 and finisch game or do I need them all?

    1. Toasty

      You can get rid of 1x level 2 shrine, but then you have to make 5 merges to get the level 6 for the mystic cloud key

  3. Kurama

    Does the event happen every year?

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