Merge Dragons Spooky Trees

The Merge Dragons Spooky Trees sprout Necromancer Grass when there is free space around them although they have a limited supply. You can also have your dragons harvest the Spooky Trees for Decayed Logs, but be careful for they will turn into Decayed Logs after a certain amount of harvests.

You can merge the level 4 Spooky Old Trees for a Sunken Treasure Chest.

How To Get Spooky Trees In Merge Dragons?

Merge Fungus Logs

Rewards from levels on the World Map

Grimm Chests

Sometimes from tapping Haunted Houses


Undead Trees

Will Spawn 10 Necromancer Grass, and harvest 3 Decayed Logs

Deathly Hollow Trees

Will Spawn 20 Necromancer Grass, and harvest 5 Decayed Logs

Spooky Old Trees

Will Spawn 30 Necromancer Grass, and harvest 8 Decayed Logs

Step By Step Spooky Trees Guide

2 Full Undead Trees

In these images we will see the left Undead Tree stay in its full form. On the right we will see the Undead Tree shrink each time we harvest it until it becomes a Decayed Log.

Undead Trees - Left is Full, Right has been harvested once
Undead Trees - Left is Full, Right has been harvested twice
The 3rd time you harvest the Undead Tree is becomes a Decayed Log

Spooky Trees can be helpful if you are working on your Prism Flowers or Bushes!

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