Merge Dragons Sugar Fruits Event Quests 2020

Here are the 10 Merge Dragons Sugar Fruits 2020 Event Quests! More coming soon! Make sure to check out the Livestreams, the schedule is at the bottom of the guide! See you then!!!

Stay tuned in because you never know what may change, and you never know what new things the 2020 Sugar Fruits Event may have in store for us!!!

Event Quests Special Rewards

For this Merge Dragons Sugar Fruits Event there are extra rewards you can get by completing all the 10 Quests!!! The Nest of Owlet Griffons can only be attained this way!

Quest 1 | Merge 5 of Anything x150

Quest 2 | Harvest from Twin Life Flower x200

Quest 3 | Heal Land x 35

Quest 4 | Heal Land x 350

Quest 5 | Create a Garnet Fruit x5 | Level 7 Crystal Fruit

Quest 6 | Harvest from Dead Plants x75

Quest 7 | Heal Land x675

Quest 8 | Create The Life Orb Of Heavens x3

Quest 9 | Harvest from a Crystal Resere 2X1 x75 ( the kind that disappears eventually)

Quest 10 | Heal All Land

Quest 1

Merge 5 Of Anything x150

Create Level 7 Point Item x5

Harvest From ??? 2×1 Harvestable Item that disappears x75

Quest 2

Harvest Twin Life Flower x200

Harvest From Dead Plants x75

Create Life Orbs Of Heavens x3


Quest 3

Heal 35

Heal 350

Heal 675

Heal All


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  1. Christy

    Mines not showing up?? Would there be a reason why

    1. Toasty

      I was livestreaming… It’s up now!!! refresh if ever its not showing!!!

  2. Sheena Valdez

    Hi. What’s the total number of lands to be healed? (For the quest heal all land) Because last time was 896 and the event before that was 1115. I just want to know so I can compute how many level 9 orbs I should make. Thank you😊

    1. Toasty

      Good question, should be finding that out in the next livestream, more to come!!!

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