Merge Dragons Sweet Surprise Event Cloud Keys Guide

Make sure to bookmark this page for easy reference during this Merge Dragons Sweet Surprise Event Keys Guide to unlock all those Mystic Clouds!!!

The Cloud Key Guide will be available about 90 minutes once event begins… Stay tuned to find all the Sweet Surprise Cloud Keys and Watch the Livestream at the start!!!

1. Pink Life Flower - Level 2

2. Tanzanite Plains Grass

3. Twin Life Flowers - Level 3 Forgotten Flower

4. Lost Vase - Level 4 Ancient Objects

5. Small Fruit Tree - Level 3

6. Golden Capsule

7. Restored Gaia Statue - Level 2

8. Glowing Crumbs - Level 2 Spirit Lanterns

9. Plumeria - Level 6 Forgotten Flower

10. Mystery Nest

11. Fallen Star

12. Large Fruit Tree - Level 5 raspberry Tree

13. Fancy Autumn Tree - Level 7 Autumn Trees

14. Ancient Columns - Level 8 Ancient Objects

15. Apollo's Bloom

During Merge Dragons Events you have Mystic Clouds you can unlock to discover more items on new land so that can help you to beat the event. Sometimes there are Life Orbs, Point Items, Coins and more useful items! In the guide above, you can see the Shadow Key that need to be unlocked to reveal the Mystic Cloud. Heal the Shadow Key and then you will be able to place the appropriate Cloud Key, then it will appear green and then you can unlock it!!! If you have not healed the land where the key shadow is, it won’t unlock, so make sure to heal that land in order to unlock the Sweet Surprise Event Keys!

This Merge Dragons Valentine’s Day Event Cloud Keys Guide will help show you the keys needed to unlocked the Mystic Clouds for this new mystical event and help to get all the awesome rewards!!!

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  1. Heather Farley

    I messed up on the Lost Vases and made an accidental merge to make the level 4 Amphorae. I don’t think I can unlock that cloud area now, since I can’t find more pieces to make the Lost Vases. 🙁

    1. Toasty

      I just looked at the cloud key guide and the lost vase cloud doesn’t have super dead land but there is a gaia statue and a pinkberry autumn tree… There’s a fancy autumn tree on the map so it’s cool for the pinkberry but… I don’t know if there’s super dead land behind the gaia statue so that would be the next thing if you want to heal all land… I will look into it more!

  2. Heather Farley

    Maybe I’ll find more bricks in the other cloud covered areas… I can only hope!

  3. JengAlus

    Wanted to let you know that this time there is more than one version of this Sweet Surprise event Landscape. Still the same cloud keys but different locations.

    1. ATLKate

      Yes, my layout is completely different

  4. Richard Grove

    Just found out from a subreddit that you need to kill a zomblin for the spirit rose key…too late for me as the cave was destroyed 😕 When did zomblins start dropping blue cheese?

    1. Toasty

      The Zomblin caves are Blue and when you doulbe tap them they spawn a BLUE ZOMBLIN, unlike regular zomblins, when destroyed they give you Funky Blue Cheese instead of a fresh grave!

  5. King David

    I didn’t have any way to get glowing crumbs. Fortunately I didn’t need them, I still was able to clear all the land and finish all the goals.

    1. Toasty

      Glad you could still finish!!!

  6. David

    Finished the event except for the island requiring the glowing stones. I never saw them or missed them if the dragons break them down to something else.. Is that the case?

  7. Kat

    Where have people been able to find the glowing crumbs ?? I’ve unlocked everything but that area and I haven’t found anything of the sort anywhere

    1. Toasty

      Did you double tap the Zomblin Cave when you healed that area of land?

  8. Stick

    Never got the glowing crumbs, or anything in that chain, so I can’t open that area. Really sucks when you just don’t get one of the keys.

    1. Toasty

      Did you double tap the Zomblin Cave?

  9. Doc Hop

    I saw the cave, but my dragons destroyed it before I tapped. No zomblin and no cheese. Just happy it didn’t keep me from completing it.

  10. Kat

    No I didn’t, my dragons got to it first. Thanks for the tip !!

  11. Minalandia

    How do you finish without the crumbs?

  12. Nitta

    How do you get the tiny fallen star???

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