Merge Dragons The Year Of The Rat Event Rewards | Points Required

There are 10 Merge Dragons The Year Of The Rat Event Rewards! Here I will show the point required for each reward as I discover everything! Stay tuned!!!

How many points does it take to complete the Event?

Usually we aim for getting 29,950 points in the Merge Dragons out of camp events.


I accidentally collected a Lotus Lamp and the 3rd rewards requires a different amount than what we usually require?!

More info to come soon!!!

Event Rewards | Step By Step

3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400+6570+11230=29,950  POINTS TOTAL

1. 3 Points

2. 25 Points | 3+22=25

3. 260 Points | 3+22+235=260

4. 680 Points | 3+22+235+420=680

5. 1320 Points | 3+22+235+420+640=1320

6. 2280 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960=2280

7. 6750 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470=6750

8. 12150 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400=12150

9. 18720 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400+6570=18720

10. 29950 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400+6570+11230=29,950  POINTS TOTAL Needed To Get These 10 Rewards

Event Point Level Values (Level 1 to 10)

1. 1 Point

2. 4 Points

3. 15 Points

4. 50 Points

5. 175 Points

6. 550 Points

7. 1750 Points

8. 5500 Points

9. 20000 Points

10. 75000 Points

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  1. Claudia

    It’s really weird with the point differences! I checked the requirements for 3. reward in my app, and I needed the usual 235 points (260 in total) for that.. BUT, seventh reward (nest of turtle eggs) requires a wooping 12.369 points in total. INSANE! That’s more than usually needed for reward 8….!

  2. Chloe

    Hmm, any further updates on the “3rd rewards requires a different amount than what we usually require?!” business? I just cashed in about 25k of points only to find that it has only taken me to the ninth level, which requires 14259 to complete. Leik omg wat? Didn’t notice the points requirement for any previous levels, but it does seem like this may be a thing. Anyone else noticed this? (Or better yet, have a solution? Trying to complete the Merge Magic event too here!)


  3. RoLY roLLs

    I got lucky, probably because I just started a week or so ago and my total was 29,950 points! Woohoo!

  4. Sylvia

    My final reward was 24372 points. Any ideas what is going on?

    1. Toasty

      Great question! Certain accounts had a higher level of difficulty. It took a level 10 Point Item, about 55k-65k…

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