Merge Dragons Toys Galore Event Rewards | Points Required

Atlantis Event Rewards

There are 10 Merge Dragons Toys Galore Event Rewards! Here I will show the point required for each reward as I discover everything! Stay tuned!!!

How many points does it take to complete the Event?

3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400+6570+11230=29,950  POINTS TOTAL

There are also Rewards for completing the 10 Event Quests!

Event Rewards | Step By Step

1. 3 Points

Cat Dragon Egg

2. 25 Points | 3+22=25

Fruit Tree

3. 260 Points | 3+22+235=260

Cat Dragon Egg

4. 680 Points | 3+22+235+420=680

Nest Of Ice Dragon Eggs

5. 1320 Points | 3+22+235+420+640=1320

Cat Dragon Egg

6. 2280 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960=2280

Aged Dragon Tree

7. 6750 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470=6750

Nest of Cat Dragon Eggs

8. 12150 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400=12150

9. 18720 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400+6570=18720

Ice Dragon level 3

10. 29950 Points | 3+22+235+420+640+960+4470+5400+6570+11230=29,950  POINTS TOTAL Needed To Get These 10 Rewards

Happy Cat Dragon level 4

More coming soon!!! Stay tuned in!!!

Previous Event Rewards | Fire And Ice Event

In the previous Fire And Ice event there was 3 Ice Dragon Eggs, a Vermillion Dragon Tree, a Nest of Zeus Dragon Eggs, an Elder Fruit Tree, a Nest of Blaze Dragon Eggs, a Pomegranate Event Trophy, a Zeus Dragon level 3, and a Noble Ice Dragon!!!

In the Claws and Paws Event November 2018, there was 3 Cat Dragon Eggs, a Vermillion Dragon Tree, a Nest of Wood Dragon Eggs, an Elder Fruit Tree, a Nest of Cat Dragon Eggs, the Swimming Pool, the level 3 Wood Dragon, and the Noble Cat Dragon level 4!

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  1. Sandra Burton

    I won the toys galore event and got all of the prizes! It is the first time I have ever completed an event totally. The first one I tried I just gave up early on and then I started watching your live streams and the second one I did better but this one I completed.Thanks Toasty for your live streams and hints.

    1. Toasty

      So glad the tips help!!! Congrats on finishing the event, thats awesome!!! Great job (:

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