Merge Dragons Whoops Button

Merge Dragons Whoops Button

What Is Whoops In Merge Dragons?

You may have noticed this Whoops button in the Merge Dragons Game Settings Menu. When you click on it, the window in the image below will appear. And you are most likely wondering what it for… This is the spot where you can enter Whoops Codes. These are code that you will receive from winning a camp contest the developers host on Instagram, or when there is a problem with a purchase in game and the support team gives you a code to fix the problem.

Merge Dragons Whoops Codes

If you want a Merge Dragons Whoops Code make sure to follow Merge Dragons on Instagram and stay tuned for their #RateMyCamp opportunities to get 100 gems for free! And while you are there don’t forget to follow to Toasted Gamer Boutique for special posts, info about live streams and awesome photos!!! 

Click the Tips & Tricks button below for a bunch on strategies! Including info about Purple Stars and How To Get Gems!!! 

After all my gameplay in this game I have never actually used nor required this function… It isn’t really something you need to pay attention to but its always nice to understand the ins and outs of this addicting game!

In the settings menu, the cool functions are turning off auto merge at camp only, prefer 5 merges for your dragons and turning off combos.

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