Merge Dragons Wild Hearts Season

Merge Dragons Wild Hearts Season Quests

1. Merge Anything x75

2. Harvest from Anything x60

3. Gain or Create Stars x4

4. Merge Eggs or Dragons x5

5. Harvest from Life Flowers x 75

6.Heal the Land x45

7. Merge Any Life Flowers x43

8. Harvest from Anything x130

9. Merge Eggs or Dragons x7

10. Heal the Land x70

11. Merge Anything x112

12. Merge Any Life Flowers x58

13. Get or Create Stars x5

14. Merge Anything x147

15. Heal the Land x90

16. Merge Eggs or Dragons x8

17. Harvest from Life Flowers x 125

18. Merge Any Life Flowers x85

19. Get or Create Stars x7

20. Harvest from Anything x188

21. Heal the Land x100

22. Merge Eggs or Dragons x13

23. Merge Anything x200

24. Merge Any Life Flowers x90

25. Get or Create Stars x8

26. Merge Anything x254

27. Heal the Land x110

28. Merge Eggs or Dragons x14

29. Merge Any Life Flowers x95

30. Get or Create Stars x10

Tips And Tricks

Merge Anything

Camp: 5 merges preferably

Levels: 5 merges and 3 merges

Event: 5 merges and 3 merges; Event point items, coins, life orbs, fruit trees are great items to merge during out of camp events!

Harvest Anything

Camp: Watermelons, watermelons (fruit) trees, any merge chain you’re working on

Levels: Using levels that only require 1 chalice to play will give you more leftover chalices to play more levels, watch the videos below to see some!

Event: Perfect for harvesting orbs, point items, fruit and coins

Gain or Create Stars

*When you make a Star merge, the new stars created count towards the quest!

**Purple stars don’t count unfortunately, I wish right?!

Camp: Completing Camp Creation, Action and Flourish Quests and also merging stars

Levels: Fear Isle 1(0)

Skull Grove(24)

Summit 2 (Gold Chest)

More coming soon!

Event: During an event you have the opportunity to Gain 10 pink Event Quests Stars


Harvest Life Flowers

Camp:  Harvest Life Flowers (you can sell orbs for coins)

Levels: Boneyard Isles (2nd level quest: Harvest life flowers x35)

Event: Get place to harvest Life Flowers

Merge Eggs or Dragons

Camp: Best for long term Dragon Power (Watch video above for more tricks!)

Also I merge most of the Eggs for space, but if I have some level 1-4 merges, occasionally I will save those merges for upcoming quests


Boneyard Isles; 4+ Egg Merges (43)

Secret: The Crescent; 4x Nests

Fear Isle; 4x Nests

Grimshire 4; 3x Nests

Totemshire 12; 5+ Egg Merges (159)


Heal Land

Camp: Not recommended, save land for Flourish Quests


Secret : The Healer (179 land to heal)

Peace Isles (124)

Zomblin Falls (31)

Shore Grove (41)

Open Lands (79)

Silent Bay 1 (43)

More Coming Soon!


Event: Great place to heal tons of land!

Merge Life Flowers

Camp: Get Moon Chests and merge in Phobos Chests, Fruit Trees, harvesting Dragon Trees(rare), Treasure chests, Fallen Stars, Fountains, ect.


Golden Meadow 19 (3 Chalices) 2x Life Flower Totems

Totemshire 12 (long & 7 Chalices) 1x Life Flower Totem

Event: Great place where we already merge tons of Life Flowers and to merge sprouts from fruit tree farms!

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