Merge Magic Event Guide

How To Win Merge Magic Events

The “Out Of Garden” Merge Magic Events have their own unique Event Map with Mystic Clouds to unlock to help you get powerful items to win the event. Typically these event require 29950 Event Points to earn all 10 items. Below I list the steps that I use to get these rewards!

1. Merge 3 Creature Eggs to get 1st Creature

2. Make merges with Plains Grass to heal the land

3. Make 5 Merges with the Blessed Sprouts to build up your Blessed Trees. I suggest aiming for the level 5 Young Blessed Tree, that way you’ll be able to quickly harvest Little Blessing Orbs.

4. Harvest Blessed Trees for Blessing Orbs, when you activate these Orbs if lifts the curse from the land. To heal an entire “out of camp” Event Map, you need 4 to 6 True Blessing Orbs Level 9, these are the highest level of Blessing Orb with 310000 healing power.

5. Get your 2nd Creature! A little further on the Event Map you will find 3 more creature eggs. I usually use a level 4 or 5 Blessing Orb in the beginning to help me get all 3 eggs.


6. Once you have your 2nd Creature, make sure you get 2 level 5 Young Blessed Tree and harvest Little Blessing Orbs non-stop until you create your level 9 True Blessing Orbs to heal the land revealing more powerful items to help you harvest more event point items.

7. Once you get further in the Event you will find Fruit Bush Seeds, give those a few minutes and they will turn into Fruit Bush Sprouts, then merge those to create Fruit Bush Shrubs, these level 2 Fruit Bushes will occasionally grow Blessed Sprouts if you give them enough space. You can create a farm with the Fruit Bushes growing as many sprouts as possible, then use those Blessed Sprouts to build up a higher level of Blessed Tree to harvest higher level Blessing Orbs.

8. Unlock Mystic Clouds! You will find Mystic Clouds that require Keys to unlock those areas. Heal the piece of land where the key is and then use the matching key to unlock the Mystic Cloud! You can always visit my Cloud Keys Guides to find the keys!

9. Merge the Event Point Items until you get 2x Level 9 Event Point Items or 1x Level 9 & 2x Level 8 Event Point Items. You need 29,950 total points to get all 10 rewards so make sure to not collect the point items right away but to make 5 merges until you get these high level items to win all the rewards!!!

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  1. D. Evans

    I haven’t received any event rewards in merge magic for the last three events and I have completed the last one.

  2. Lola

    I would love to know how high you merge blessing orbs at what stages. I keep getting stuck at trees with lvl 1 young blessing orbs it takes sooo long to harvest. Is this unavoidable? I always have the ability to merge to one tree of the next level and it taunts me.. but with two creatures i dont harvest any faster. The additional dead things to harvest for more sprouts also taunts me, but smaller orbs dont do much damage. Thanks for your input! 🙏

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