Merge Magic Friend Code

Click the Button in the Lower Right Corner with 3 Yellow Silhouettes to Access the Friend Menu

To access the Friends Feature, click the Friend Button. In this menu you will find 3 tabs.

The Friends Tab will show you and a list of your friends. Make sure to send your friends gifts whenever you can because you have have 5 gifts to give every 24 hours. Here you can also visit your friends Gardens! Click Edit Profile to change your name.

The Messages Menu is where you can accept friend requests and collect gifts from your friends. Make sure to check in daily because your gift box can fill up.

The Add Friends Menu is where you can add friends! Either type in their code to search for them or send invites to suggested players. This is also where you can find your personal code to share with your friends so they can add you!!!

Friends Menu (Left)
Messges Menu (Center)
Add Friends Menu (Right)

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  1. Natalie

    Thanks Toasty!

    Friend Code : BDXNMGKKGT

    1. Lizzie

      Friend code: VPLWGHURXJ – add me :3

    2. Archita

      I’ll add you!!! Allll

      1. Lehanie

        Please add me too DZFXHWUZZI

        1. mara

          HELLO! still active here! add me:

          1. rach3L

            Add me too 😉

        2. Fanny

          Mon tag est EYCFXXUFHG

      2. Tiffany

        Hi, my tag UFHJLFYCON

        1. SG

          Please add me too JLLYJMOKOZ

    3. Latoya


    4. Doye Ann

      LVNVPLSPYL please add me and I’ll add you also, thank you!

    5. Fanny

      Le mien ces EYCFXXUFHG

    6. Fanny

      Le mien ces EYCFXXUFHG

    7. Lieya

      Add me, TQHRZEAOLF

    8. pyves

      Add Me plz : FWIYUEXJIH

    9. fly

      thanks toasty, add me please : ATMIZXLJVQ

  2. vanessa glover

    my friends code is RUNZIECPDT

    1. Secret Garden

      Add me, JATTMJQAHE

      1. Harri

        Everyone add me: VBAGVFXXRK

  3. vanessa glover

    im veeshorty on YT

    1. Nat T.Y.

      Hey all! Been playing for over a month now so just looking for active friends to gift exchange with ((: Been adding a few off here so thanks Toasty!

      Camp name: Samphire
      Code: KHTMNMYUUG

      p.s. my den disappeared so hmu if anyone knows a den that’s adopting (:

      1. Sarah

        Aloha! I just joined a new den bc my den disappeared too and also was not very active. I joined AmethystJungle which still has openings. It’s an intermediate den so it’s for active players lying in dragon power each week towards the den chests and events. I sent you a friend request too. Hope to see you in the den. Mahalos – Kauai Love Sarah

  4. Marlene E Llewellyn


    1. June

      My code is MCSWDBRZLL. Add me and I’ll add you too.

  5. Kim McHugh

    Garden name Mystic. Friend code, DVGOAPJQQM

  6. Eniram

    My friend code is TRDRNBHYVF

  7. IndigoFox

    My friend code is YDRHAWRBKH , see you guys out there 🙂

    1. Toasty

      Thanks!!! See you out there (:

      1. Doye Ann

        Friend code: LVNVPLSPYL
        Please add me and I’ll add you also, thank you!

  8. Sylwetka

    Great page! I admire that you do what you like and gather people here :3
    My code: FRUDOLVZUB

    1. Toasty

      Awww Thanks!!!

  9. Amanda

    My code is JPSEFLYXOX! 🙂

  10. Beau

    Hey! add me my code is YZYUQAPIRB 😀

  11. Beau

    Hey! add me my code is YZYUQAPIRB

  12. Kylie

    My code is KUOTDHMSU

  13. Marte

    My code is IHPILMNPLV , camp name Mara TGB

  14. Panda390

    Panda here, my friend code is UOTXSGGMWJ. Feel free to add me. Garden name is Pandamonium.

    1. mara

      HELLO! still active here! add me:

  15. Ajmorin369 (AJ)

    Thanks Toasty for letting us share our friend codes here. My merge magic friend code is ZKJWRLQMJB. Also my MergeDragons friend code is AJATGZLU.

    1. Szux


    2. Kirsty

      Heyy, just started playing! Mine is: YIJFSIAUPT


  16. Ascended StarTGB

    Hi All,
    I love this game merge magic :).

    my Code: FWEWQREVFH Name is Ascended StarTGB

  17. Felicia Van

    Hey Toasty & everyone, here’s my tag: UJSMJMPQXY. Thanks to you Toasty, I’m having the best time playing both MM & MD. Happy merging.

  18. Claire A-Richards

    Hi my garden is heathens 2 and my code is

    Thanks Toasty for all the tips and tricks you have helped me so much on both merge dragons and merge magic

  19. Beth Van

    Hi, Beth’s Retreat – EUALARCPBN
    I just started playing about a week ago. I have 2 friends lol. Thanks. Cheers!

  20. Trac

    My code EMTICPOQLQ

    1. Siena

      Name is Disney

  21. Tracy

    Hi mine is WWUKFFMMLV. Please add me.

  22. Bella

    My friend code is INQQJXHJEK

  23. Annette

    My friend code is INQQJXHJEK. THANKS!

  24. Jess

    My code is HFIYYLPLVD 🙂

  25. Dan

    Hi! Your Garden here! My code is GCJBXNBOJF

  26. Mo


  27. Mira

    My friend code is HRERHSPNOJ

  28. Karen Catching

    Add me! KGDTHXCALO

    1. Di

      My friend code is NRWUXDUWSO, Rose Garden

  29. Quint

    Hi, a very disproportionate base to star but im open for friends. at the base Quint, FWDKKYAVBW

  30. Jessa

    My code: HFIYYLPLVD

  31. Beatrice Campbell

    Love your videos they are so helpful thanks so much for what you do my friend code is XHOJBYCCPQ


    My friend code is ATIVPMXSYN add me I am an active player will send gifts daily.


    My merge Dragons friend code is SFNRXEUQ thanks.

  34. Karen Catching

    Hi! My code is KGDTHXCALO. Please add me

  35. Celebrien

    My code is CUQPEJDDUA

    1. Szux

      Add me Gqfkstgyyc

  36. Ashley Poole

    My mm friend code is

    🙂 \m/

    1. Nic

      Add me EADFFFWWSD

  37. Kei

    Add me 🙂
    My friend code is:

  38. Dodo

    Hey ajouter moi !!!
    Mon code : BFSBMJXGXS

  39. Angela

    JQQGAMSSFY add me 🙂

  40. Natalie

    Add me!!


    1. Emily

      Add me please.

  41. Brownie

    thank you Toasty
    My code is : XXPDQIUHLI

  42. Fluffy

    Please add.
    Fluffy Wolf

  43. Brittini

    My code is


    Thank you !

  44. Saige

    My code is
    Add me ! Thank you!

  45. ELL


  46. Monia

    my tag is WTDPTWZDSB



  48. J


  49. George


  50. merge magic

    add me 😉 UVOMIVEMHQ

  51. Pølle


  52. sophia


  53. Lise

    My merge magic friend code

  54. Janette Suber

    My code is:


  55. Ashley

    Hey add me! I’m a newbie! PNSBZRFIKF

  56. Kasey

    Hey, please add me: GXEKSSZHXZ

  57. MIRKO

    ciao ..aggiungetemi il mio codice e’ CKPNLOFDQZ

  58. Sweetness

    add me

  59. Ani


  60. Patricia

    Looking for friends!! EXQBVCKNUX

  61. vicky


  62. Edenland


  63. Lanna


  64. Sara Brown


  65. Nyeisha

    My friend code is LUPMOHNDJW, thanks for this page and all the people here!

  66. Samantha

    ISVYVOOHLS my friend code need help with gems please I will add as many of u as I can thanks for ur help

  67. Shas


  68. Fabeola

    Add me please, daily player. My friend code is VJUZOJPNSK, thank you.

  69. M M

    VWWXQUKHJM add me!

  70. Martha Hacker

    Everyone please add me haven’t been playing long but play daily. Need help with everything!
    Friend Code: KETPOAFMDL
    Garden Name: MyMy’s Garden

  71. Fleur

    my friend code BZIDAFGDTL

  72. Jess

    add me 🙂

  73. beez

    Add me! XWEMPKTNWD

  74. L

    Please add me:


  75. Brianna

    My code is ZKNEGPYVNK

  76. Lilja Kristín Nínon Árnadóttir

    Add me please XRFGLYBXJY

  77. Ance


  78. Lydia

    I just started playing the game 2 days ago! And I want friends and could use gifts I also send them back! Add me thank you!! DZLIJRFSKD

  79. eSmile


  80. Jennifer

    My code is CQPUPTCUOA. Feel free to add me.

  81. Jorien

    I wrote down All the codes above me! It was a lot of work xD. Please add me YAUYSSXNSL

  82. Amir

    Hi please add me


  83. Angela


  84. Lehanie

    I need lots of friends please.


  85. Niels

    Daily player 598 stars so far

  86. Daniel

    Hi all! Please add me

  87. Mollie (Sparkle)

    Hey guys! HZRQCVMMWW <3

  88. Amanda L Mole


  89. Nicky


  90. Lea

    Hello)) My code is QCLIJFDKDE
    I just luuuuv these magic creatures. They’re so cute!

  91. Lea

    Hello)) My code is QCLIJFDKDE

  92. Eryn Lynn

    AKERIUCRRM is my friend code! I just joined and I’m very active!

  93. Amrit Khaira

    hey add me – GXTKUMENAL

  94. Cklina


  95. Shawn

    Hi! Mine is BPUFDLIOAL. Have been playing for 3 months and enjoying it!

  96. Spanky

    Hi all! Please add me BXIMNOXQFY

  97. Amy

    My code is FSWKMNEYBI

  98. Yuki


  99. SpazzMonkey

    Hey all! Would love an add!

    1. sebastien

      Mon/my tag : RTQRKLZLOU


  100. Beth


  101. Req

    still active! my code is NIJUEYJNVX

  102. Maggie


  103. April

    Hello i’m active as always my code is MGSSPGYPXC

  104. coniin


  105. Emily Hoffmann

    Hello all! Playing Merge Magic. My camp name is EmmybethTGB and my friend code is CNXWALZUHW. Feel free to add!

  106. Lisa


  107. Elisa

    i can add friends, no match found…
    how can i add you???
    Please help

  108. Stacy

    Hi everyone! Feel free to add me! Friend code: KSPNWRFMRE

  109. joshua

    hey every one. i play the mobile version. garden name is OMGarden and my tag is HFCYSPQLEL. add me if you want to see an epic garden.

  110. Kelvin

    Please add me. I play everyday. DYGGXJALDF

  111. Cynthia

    Add me 💕

    Merge Magic: YVSEJPWMPB
    Merge Dragons: CPMSDEDTXR

    What is your MM code TGB? I tried to put in the one in the pic but nothing showed up.

    1. Cynthia

      Never mind restarted the app and was able to add you!

  112. Barbara

    I’m trying to add active players but in the Search tab, when I copy/paste numbers, it comes back with: “No results. Try with a different Tag.”
    So here’s my code for any interested:
    My Garden’s name is: B’s Paradise

  113. Adrian

    plwase add me and sent me very good gifts
    I am quite bad at the game and I would really want some help by being sent good gifts
    My code is – INVSNJMOUZ
    Plz add
    My island name is Adrian’s garden

  114. Fanny

    Le mien ces EYCFXXUFHG

  115. Evi

    Hey Lovelies
    Please feel free to add me as a friend my Merge Magic code is VNUPELHPLZ
    I also play Megre Dragons. would love to have more friends. Code QFJGZSXX

  116. Kay

    Friend Code: VUXNSNLNOO

  117. Ruth

    Friends code is

  118. Keanu

    Hi everyone, please feel free to add me
    my code: KRSHICSGLS
    I play this game everyday and I would like to exchange gifts with everyone!

  119. Marion

    I’m addicted to this game. Currently at 520 stars and 13,928,020 points. My Friend code is OAWKHKWBGO. Please add me!

  120. Felicia


  121. Amelie

    feel free to add me, playing daily 🙂 ZCOPGIJQXV

  122. Francielle

    Ola. Me add por favor

  123. TheShadowpuff

    Feel free to add me VEUVKZYDIE, and I’ll add you back

  124. Amanda

    YLDLVEIFLL Please add me.

  125. Sarah Kalaitzidis

    koymieshna add me please <3

  126. pujureli


  127. Jaynekochan

    Hello everyone, my code/tag is RLZQAVRZKZ.
    Thanks in advance to everyone who will add me.

  128. Wolfexey

    Im GZWZGONFGF in merge magic plz add me

  129. Jenni

    I’m a newbie. Add me! WJWXVXKHOT

  130. Vionity


  131. Leo

    please add me: CLVMQOLVDT

  132. AnimeGirl-S


    1. MTN Laurell

      Merge Magic:RKNUANUMUP
      Merge Dragons: TODTYLWF

    2. amm311311

      Hello, just started playing…would love to add some friends! Thanks

  133. Rayanne lessa

    Hi guys, add me please

  134. CaityV

    Hi, my code is EZFDJUBFTS. Thanks for the add!

  135. Momo

    Hey! I’m kinda new to this… thanks, Toasty!

    My tag is ZCCZYAKCUL

  136. MergeCrazed Rose


  137. Sonya

    Hey Toasty; I hope that you have come to be almost as much a fan of Merge Magic as you are of Merge Dragons.

    Merge Magic was the first out of the two that I played so that is the one I like the best. And I know they are both just games but I think that you have stronger feelings for whichever game you might have played first. I understand if your favorite is still Merge Dragons, but since your job is to tell us so much about BOTH games, I hope you are enjoying playing Merge Magic.

    Anyone who wants to invite me as a friend my tag is VXHPCDMCQU

  138. Kempton

    Hey! This is my friend code:
    Thanks Toasty so much for posting all those videos, they have helped me a ton so thank you!!

  139. Kempton Perriton

    Hey! This is my friend code:
    Thanks Toasty so much for posting all those videos, they have helped me a ton so thank you!!

  140. Kempton Perriton

    Hey! This is my friend code:
    Thanks to everyone who adds me.
    Thanks Toasty so much for posting all those videos, they have helped me a ton so thank you!!

  141. Kempton

    Hey!!! I’m an active player and my merge magic code is UIEBNFQIMM
    Thanks to anyone who adds me!!! 😜😜

  142. Carina

    Please addiert me 🍀


  143. Kat Hill


  144. Maureen

    Hi everyone… PHUZBBJFHM

  145. Kaleolani

    Aloha, My friend code is ORODDYGTWM

  146. Quiana

    Hi everybody my code is SIQKFBMTGF

  147. Julia

    My friendcode is: AXCUTDLTFL

  148. Vane

    Hi, add me ORGFAEVIQJ 🙂 I’m pretty active

  149. Ellie

    hey, my friendcode is SHAQMZHVOJ 🙂

  150. Jax

    Please help me
    I lost all friends from my dragon den an had to make a new one would u please post my den name JaXinsanity
    Thank you so much

  151. Ayleen

    Please add me – my code is XKCNLLCKMZ
    I’m playing since a little over a month and still need friends 🙂

  152. Azul Dragonfly

    Hey Toasty! My friend code is SMHSPRDWDM, I gift daily!!! Love all your posts ❤️❤️

  153. grace

    hi my tag is UVGHNKVKXM plz add me! 🙂

  154. tessie

    ADD ME! my tag is TFXOPNDUPY

  155. Krystal Keeton

    My code is QFBAPRNTZQ. Please feel free to add 😊

  156. Crowley

    hi! my friend code is HLQMNEWYTN

  157. Eszter

    My code:
    Add me, Thx 🙂

  158. Ali

    Active here! Code: QRLAJZWMEJ

  159. Eszter


  160. KittyKath

    Friend code: HJKKYSXCDD

    -First arrived, first served: But I’ll do my best to make it so everyone that friends me will get gift at least once.
    -I’m very determined on “Returning gifts”: (Meaning if you send me a gift, I’ll sure as heck return the favor as soon as possible).

    For Toasted: Thank you for all your videos, they helped me so much improve in Merge Magic! Please stay awesome and I hope you have a good day/night (Because I suck with timezone)

  161. KittyKath

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your videos; They helped me so much and cheered me up, please stay awesome and I hope you have a good day/night~!

    My friend code is: HJKKYSXCDD
    -I’m very active. (What can I say? I love that game so much!)
    -I’ll do my best to “Return gifts”, but I have a terrible memory so we’ll see how it goes if I manage to get above 5 friends. (I’ll always give all my 5 gifts away as soon as possible tho.)

    1. Sherrie

      I tryed adding you but nothing shows up add me cqdvtktyvs

  162. KittyKath

    My friend code: HJKKYSCDD

    Thanks for your awesome helpful video Toasty!

  163. Beck

    Add me! IHHCMSJKPV

    1. Angela

      Add me!!! 🙂 Sffmaiaxoo

  164. Amanda

    Please add me. I play every day. My name is Amanda. My tag is GXOOFOBFMF .

  165. Allie

    Friend code: LMVJTPYKSJ
    Feel free to add me!

  166. Kitkat

    Add me! AQNQMNYKTO 💜💜

  167. Michell Gutiérrez

    I want friends my tea is my tag: LMNWANPCZD

  168. Sherrie

    Please add me i need friends cqdvtktyvs

  169. Pouya s

    Mine is EKMSWHXDKT

  170. Joan

    My tag is NKOARARSIG, please add me! Thanks.

  171. Kev


  172. Sasa

    Add me NUTHGEYDEW , Thanks

  173. andrea

    Add me please: GJKMOUOPVU

  174. Lianne jervis

    HI TOASTY, thanks for all your tips and tricks! Please add me EXYYVLBCYO. My garden name is Pops. Tried to add you but didn’t know about the TGB community and didn’t add TGB to the end of my name 🙁 now I can’t find you :((

    1. Toasty

      Thanks so much!!! Unfortunately my friends are already full so I can’t add any more ):

      1. Blach

        my tag: QECKSBZUYO

        Please add me

  175. deborah

    Hello! 🙂 Add me please, GTNSHHIZWO
    Thank you <3

  176. Lapin


  177. Erika

    Hey All, just started playing! Feel free to add me

    Game tag: GFOBAWBFBY

    THANKS Toasty!

  178. Mirage

    Hey all,

    This is mirage. Looking for friends on Merge Dragons. Tag- NKGAQLERLK

  179. PGäbe


  180. Ashlyn

    My tag is BWGSIGlIMM

  181. Taylor


  182. Victor Nel

    Please Add Me


  183. Princess T


  184. Eva

    Hi, Please add me..

  185. Hannah

    Hi all, desperately in need of friends who sent friend gifts, so if this sounds like you, please add me! Here’s my code: ZTRVEJEYBX

  186. Ella

    My Code is FYFUSWZLPN
    Please add me !
    Thanks 🙂

  187. Rachel

    Hi! My merge magic code is UROMDHYRIE and i am an active player! Garden name:unicorn
    I also play merge dragons and my code is LTOJDCOXCB! Camp name: Merge it all (I just started merge dragons so I haven’t discovered the friend dragon 🙁 Please add!

  188. Tyler

    my merge magic code is: ZIFZUQBSWG
    I also play merge dragons please add me: RHGIWDBDQM
    I play every day if I can(for about 5-7 hours)

  189. Vilentv

    Add me pleasee.RQXKLBFMJS

  190. Donya

    Your videos have been a huge help along with bringing me good vibes.

    Merge Magic has been helping me get through all these difficult times, both in my inner and the outer world. Whoever sees this feel free to add me as well!


  191. akane

    Ajouter moi 🙂 ZZEVILXBQT

  192. Ron

    hi! my code is : WGOTVFGIUT

  193. Heather

    I know you did this a long time ago, but I love your videos. You’ve helped me figure out several levels. Please add me
    Dragon Isle

    1. Caroline

      ^this is a code for Merge Dragons, not Merge Magic 🙂

  194. Sierra

    Hii! I’m a big fan <3 Add me if you want: KDKCYFNLME

  195. Anca

    Hello! Please add me LXBZFDVEWG.

  196. Ariyon

    Hey! 😘
    I’m a really active player!

    If you send me a gift, I will send it too. 100%

    My code is : FHISHVJLVT
    (the letter after H is a capital letter i)

    Garden name: Ariyon’s Garden 🦊

  197. ICe.e

    Hello, salut, UNYTOOTFXK, merci, thanks 😀

  198. Sil

    Hi i play everyday, so can add me.
    My code: UYKSWCFAFQ

  199. Kat

    add me if you send me a gift ill send you one too!!!!

  200. Sebastian

    You can add me, I alwys send gift’s !
    My code: YUWIFSMCIV

  201. Mellie


  202. Amanda

    Hi, add me

  203. Jessica

    Please add meRGDMEQTBIG

  204. Kitty

    Hi I need friends. Here’s my code. JMBYUANGYQ

  205. Sasia


  206. Zenken

    Come join club Sungrove! Friendly, devoted, we usually get the L5 chest each week, but we could honestly use a couple more active point-earners. Please stay active, because I hate kicking people :/ You can add me, Llama Lagoon tag ABNJFRRLFB

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