Merge Magic Golden Spirits Event Quests

Here are the 10 Merge Magic Golden Spirits Event Quests! More coming soon! Make sure to check out the Livestreams, the schedule is at the bottom of the Merge Magic Event Guide! See you then!!!

Quest 1 | Merge 5 of Anything x150

Quest 2 | Harvest from Young Blessed Tree x200

Quest 3 | Heal Land x 35

Quest 4 | Heal Land x 350

Quest 5 | Create ??? x5 | Level 7 ??? Event Points

Quest 6 | Harvest from Ivy x75

Quest 7 | Heal Land x675

Quest 8 | Create True Blessing Orb Level 9 x3

Quest 9 | Harvest From Big Crimson Tree - Level 4 Trees Of Autumn 100X

Quest 10 | Have A Master Hedrex Mushroom

Quest 1

Merge 5 Of Anything x150

Create XXX Level 7 x5

Harvest From XXX (Level 4) x100

Quest 2

Harvest Young Blessed Tree x200

Harvest From Dead Plants x75

Create True Blessing Orbs x3

Quest 3

Heal 35

Heal 350

Heal 675

Have Master Hedrex Mushroom


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  1. Heather

    I’m seeing multiple people say the last quest is to have a Master Hedrex Mushroom. I haven’t got that far to know for sure though. I’m going to create one, just in case. 🙂

    1. Toasty

      It must be after making 5x level 7 apples… We will discover that during the livestream @ 2pm today New York Time!!!

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