Merge Magic Medieval Magic Event 2020 Quests

Here are the 10 Merge Magic Medieval Magic Event Quests! More coming soon! Make sure to check out the Livestreams, the schedule is at the bottom of the Merge Magic Event Guide! See you then!!!

Quest 1 | Merge 5 of Anything x150

Quest 2 | Harvest from Young Blessed Tree x200

Quest 3 | Heal Land x 35

Quest 4 | Heal Land x 350

Quest 5 | Create ??? x5 | Level 7 ??? Event Points

Quest 6 | Harvest from Ivy x75

Quest 7 | Heal Land x675

Quest 8 | Create True Blessing Orb Level 9 x3

Quest 9 | Harvest From xxx - Level x xxx 100X

Quest 10 | ???

Quest 1

Merge 5 Of Anything x150

Create XXX Level 7 x5

Harvest From XXX (Level 4) x100

Quest 2

Harvest Young Blessed Tree x200

Harvest From Dead Plants x75

Create True Blessing Orbs x3

Quest 3

Heal 35

Heal 350

Heal 675

Have Master Hedrex Mushroom


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  1. Kait

    After harvest from dead plants i got have broken mythical idol not make 3 true blessings. Does this mean I don’t have to make the max blessings? Darn idol is clear across the board

    1. Rhonda

      No I just completed all the quests. You don’t need the max blessing orbs or to clear all the land.

  2. Heather

    Quest 1.3 is to harvest from a level 4 Royal Gate x100
    Quest 2.3 is to have a Broken Mythical Idol … No quest for True Blessing Orbs this time. 🙂

    ~Heather’s Orchids & Cats~

  3. Natascha

    I just completed the second quest “harvest from dead plants”. The next quest I get now is: have a broken mythical idol. So that’s a change from the usual quests. I’m curious to find out if the quest create level 9 orbs… anyone found this out yet?

    1. Rhonda

      You don’t need the max blessing orbs or to clear all the land, you have to harvest 100x from the level 4 royal gate which you don’t have to merge if you don’t want to, since it’s near the far end of the map in a 5k spot and can just be cleared.

  4. Pythonsgonepostle

    Quest 8 is to have a broke idol not make x3 true blessing orbs

    1. Kait

      No master hendrix needed either, heal 700 I belive it was

  5. Rhonda

    My quest is to have the broken mythical idol, where it usually says create 3 true blessing orbs. Also my rewards are the level 3 Pacatour, and the Tenacious Armomar level 4, not matching the image you have of your rewards.

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