Merge Magic Vs Merge Dragons

Merge Magic translated to Merge Dragons! Best viewed on desktop for side by side comparisons! Both these games share the same Creators, but they also have many different terms. Demystify different chains with clickable links to more in depth information!


If ever you don’t play Merge Dragons, this list can still be use when you watch my Merge Dragons videos where I demonstrate tons of different technique that can also be used in Merge Magic!



Ancient Trees

Blessed Trees

Blessing Orbs

Coin Currency

Coin Storage

Dark Monoliths

Druid Gardens

Elven Temples

Enchanted Stone Monuments

Enchanted Stumps

Evergreen Trees

Fancy Potted Flowers

Floating Rocks

Fruit Bushes

Glowing Plants

Glowing Rocks

Magic Beans

Magical Beanstalks

Magic Gems

Magic Stars (Purple Stars)

Magic Water – Reflecting Pools

Mineral Boulders

Mythical Idols


Potted Flowers

Rubix Bushes

Stone Bricks (Druid Stones)

Stone Monuments

Tree Houses

Witch Artifacts

Wood Logs



Life Flowers

Life Orbs

Magic Coins

Coin Vaults

Spooky Trees

Shimmer Fountains

Zen Temples

Glowing Dragon Trees

Living Stones

Prism Flowers

Mythical Idols


Fruit Trees


Magic Mushrooms

Golden Apples

Midas Trees

Dragon Gems

Dragon Stars



Gaia Statues

Grimm Chests

Monster Idols

Autumn Trees


Dragon Tree

Dragon Homes

Grimm Trees

Stone Bricks

Stone Yards

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  1. Beth

    Awesome, thank you for all you do 🐉🧚🏼‍♀️🐉🧚🏼‍♀️🐉

    1. Toasty

      It’s my pleasure!!! I’m still working on adding more (:

  2. Kendra

    I feel like I am learning a second language. I translate to the other game to understand what everything is.

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