Merge Magic Golden Spirits Event Jan 2021 Guide

The Merge Magic Golden Spirits Event will begin Friday Jan 8th, 2021 @ 2PM EST (New York Time). this Event will last 72 hours until Monday Jan 11th, 2021 @ 2PM EST.

Will this be another MM Event to have the special reward of the Leocapra Chest for completing all the quests!!! What will this chest contain??? Did you save you chest from the last Events to merge the Leocapra Chests???…

Watch the Teaser videos below or Toasted Gamer Boutique’s previous Merge Magic Events playlists on Youtube for more tips, tricks and strategies!!!

Point Items : Dried Fruits

Don't Merge The YELLOW STALK too soon, to avoid distractions!!!

The Trees Of Autumn are the items that do not disappear where you can harvest point items.

From the looks of the images so far we will most likely be seeing the awesome Pacatour & Wizool Creatures!!!

Previous April 2020 Golden Spirits Event Rewards

Previous April 2020 Golden Spirits Event Rewards​

Make sure to have a strong internet connection and 35 Magic Power! If you don’t have 35 Magic Power yet, watch the video below for tips and tricks!

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